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Sunday, March 31, 2013

"Daniel" - dialing, running and thrusters to full exhaustion of the muscles

This series of brutal loading is performed in only one round, the goal is changing between dialing, running and thrusters to be completed within the shortest possible time. 
As the examples of this program, the weight of the load falls mostly on the knees, back, elbows and hips, it is recommended that it is not done by people who have problems or injuries in those parts of his body.

Here's how it looks today crossfit series "Daniel":

1. 50 dialing

2. 400m running

3. 21 thruster with 43kg rod

4. 800m running

5. 21 thruster with 43kg rod

6. 400m running

7. 50 dialing

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Japanese diet

With this diet not to starve in her implementation will lose weight the first week with 7 kg and the second 700g, 14 kg in one month.
 Diet guarantees the preservation of weight for three years. 
Given 7 days diet is repeated in the same order from the first to the seventh day as many times as you want, but this recipe is for 4 weeks, ie Repeat three times.

 First day
Breakfast - a cup of bitter coffee
Lunch - 2 hard boiled eggs
Dinner - a piece of meat, salad with lemon

 Second day
Breakfast - a cup of bitter coffee, bread
Lunch - 2 hard boiled eggs
Dinner - a slice of ham, salad, a cup of yogurt

 Third day
Breakfast - a cup of bitter coffee
Lunch - vegetable, fruit
Dinner - 2 hard boiled eggs, ham, salad

 Fourth day
Breakfast - a cup of bitter coffee
Lunch - 2 hard boiled eggs, carrot juice
Dinner - meat, salad with lemon

 Fifth day
Breakfast - grated carrots with lemon
Lunch - fish baked with tomatoes
Dinner - omitting

 Sixth day
Breakfast - a cup of bitter coffee
Lunch - 200g chicken meat and salad
Dinner - 2 hard boiled eggs and grated carrot

 Seventh day
Breakfast - a cup of bitter coffee
Lunch - a piece of meat, fruit
Dinner - can all

  •  During the diet is not consumed any alcohol, salt and sugar. 
  • The meat is cooked as desired - roasted, fried or boiled. 
  • Fruits and vegetables are not limited.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


DO 5 CYCLES. 2-3min. rest between cycles and 10sec. rest between exercises.

1.  Touch Toe Sit Ups 30reps

2. Knee Hugs 15reps
3. Bicycles Crunches 50reps
4. V-SIT UPS 10reps
5. Crunches 30reps
6. Lying Leg Lifts 20 reps

7. Jumping Rope 1min.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Even in ancient mythology quince are a symbol of love, happiness, fertility, wisdom, beauty, eternity. Law of the Wise King Solomon did was commanded to eat quince couple on the wedding day if you want to have a happy family life.
 The fruit, which becomes everything - compote, jam, sauce, juice, jelly, liqueur.
It is known from 4000 years ago, when cultivated in Asia and the Mediterranean. The taste is like a cross between an apple and a pear. A hard, yellowish-white flesh of quince is dry and has an astringent taste.

 How to choose 
  • Choose berries that are large, rigid and yellow, not green areas.
  • Keep them in the refrigerator in a plastic bag up to 2 months.
Nutritional Information 
  • Quince contains vitamin C and is rich in pectin.
  • No fat and cholesterol.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect of the lining of the stomach and a clamping action.
  • The fruit is suitable for the following diets inflammatory diseases of the digestive organs and loose bowels.

Monday, March 25, 2013

How to burn more calories ?

If there is not enough time for intense workouts, try to burn calories performing their daily duties. So see you've gotten rid of a few extra pounds without even knowing.

 Use the stairs. Whether working in the building in which you live or anywhere on the go, do not miss the opportunity to "practice on" them. There are ways to diversify up and down stairs. You can take 2-3 at once to jump from step to step with your feet together or to move diagonally.
 Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier standing. Awakening with a short series of exercises accelerates blood circulation, warm the muscles and energizes the entire day. Make at least 3 different exercises with 15-20 repetitions with no rest in between. Only then deal with breakfast. A similar start to the day is much better than a hot dinner already accumulated calories during the day.
 Choose the longest possible route. Wherever you go, never abbreviate distance. I just suggest that there is no shortcut. If you can not or do not want to give up travel by car, park at the end of the car park or as far away from where you are going.
 Sleep naked at night. When the body is cold, burning more calories to keep warm. If you treat more responsible for burning calories, keep the air conditioner turned on to "create more trouble." Even if you do not feel comfortable in the cold effect is proven and worth subjecting at least "temporary cooling."
 How are you conducting your cardio? In this case, the most useful to you well dressed. Strange but true! Sleeping naked and doing cardio exercises more clothes have the same positive effect in terms of burning calories. A sweating during vigorous physical activity also requires more effort for the body to regain normal temperature. A way to burn calories.
 Do you like to watch TV shows? At first glance, it looks and sounds lazy, but not necessarily so. Do not forget that these programs have several ad units that can easily use a few squats, jump or 2-3 stretching exercises. The result is a funny paradox "burning calories watching TV."
 Buy a pedometer. This is a device that is placed around the waist or wrist clocks driven away. So you can keep track of how many steps you do per day in normal times and during physical activity. Knowing how many steps traveled, you can focus on increasing them. Turn it into the game and try to improve each day's record.
 Quicken up your pace. I mean, if you normally traveled a distance of 15 minutes, shorten them to 10. You can also rotate slowly 5 minutes walking 1 minute faster. This speeds up the heart rate and leads to increased calorie burning. 
 Chew the gum. It may seem crazy, but every prechewing, 1 calorie forests. Not much, but it counts. 
 Well, as you can see, there are many creative ways to exit from the routine of everyday life. They will help you maintain good form. Have fun !

Saturday, March 23, 2013

7 principles of healthy living that keep the heart healthy and prevent cancer

Following the 7 principles of a healthy lifestyle that protect against cardiovascular disease will dramatically reduce long-term risk of developing cancer.
  • Be physically active - working out and sports
  • Maintain normal body weight
  • Eat Healthy
  • Maintain normal cholesterol levels
  • Maintain a normal blood pressure
  • Maintain a stable blood sugar levels
  • Do not smoke
 The more than seven health rules shall comply, the less is the risk to get cancer.
Study participants who kept 6 of the 7 principles are sick with cancer 51 percent less than those who do not adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Those who satisfy the four indicators of cancer risk was lower by 33%, while those who adhered to at least one or two of the rules, the risk of cancer fell by 21%.

Quitting smoking was one of the factors with the greatest burden of cancer prevention. It turned out that those who cover 5-6 of the 7 criteria for a healthy life, but smoke, the risk of cancer is reduced with 25%.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Protein Shake

The intake of protein should be distributed around 3 time during the day: morning, about weight training (before and after) and at bedtime. Your solution is a protein shake.

When the other body is not getting enough food catabolism in chewing muscles. It rises due to the small hepatic glycogen so perfect start to the day is something with fructose. Instead of going straight to the muscles as glucose, fructose goes to the liver first. It fills glycogen  and catabolism stops. Fructose has it mostly fruits but also in honey.

 Before the workout: 
Well shake before training provides all the necessary ingredients for growth, stops muscle breakdown during the workout and it gives fuel. But why need at least 20 grams of protein and 40 grams slowly digestible carbohydrates. Shake is the perfect way to a perfect balance between training to nutrients without feeling like overfed and back to bodybuilding science, fruits are an excellent addition. Fructose in them longer lasting energy source and will not upload cause the insulin to prevent melting fat during the workout. An additional plus is caffeine, which increases strength and endurance and reduce muscle pain during exercise.

 After workout:
Shake is essential for post-workout and post-workout for the whole meal. Solid food takes too much time to absorb and lose important minutes that would otherwise go to building muscle. So fast carbs (at least in 60g. in the form of sugars) are the main ingredient of any post-workout shake. Add a mixture of 40g. of whey protein and casein protein gives you guarantee for this!

 Low carbohydrate shake: 
An excellent alternative for protein intake at any time, even immediately before sleep.

 At any time:
Since you need to eat every 2-3 hours, if you wait too long for the next meal, muscle building slows you down. Taking a whey protein shake, slowly digestible carbohydrates and healthy fats perfect way to load your muscles with everything you need.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

20 best foods with whom can accumulate muscles - PART TWO

After the first 10 helpers for muscle growth, it's time for the second major portion of delicious and healthy food: 

  Sweet Potatoes 

Carbohydrates are the key macronutrient for the body that brings strength and energy. Sweet potatoes are one of the most delicious and easy resources to restore energy reserves and provide fuel for muscle protein synthesis. In addition to vitamins and minerals, fiber in them will maintain stable blood sugar and you will keep not hungry for a long time.
  Wild Salmon
Besides solid protein injection (from 19.8 to 21.6 g in 100 g fish), it is very high in Omega-3 fatty acids - up to 3996 mg. in 100 g This serious dose of Omega-3 will boost your metabolism, accelerate the breakdown and burning of fat and give serious shoulder of your dream quickly build lean muscle mass.
  Whey Protein
Fastest digestible protein is all you need after an intense workout. Its amino acid profile best meets the needs of muscle maintenance and growth. Best thing about whey protein, however, is its high biological value - a measure of the efficiency of absorption by the body and the percentage of protein used for growth and development of muscle tissue.
Put broccoli and other fiber-rich vegetables such as asparagus, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, onions, leeks and sweetcorn in the priority list of post-workout food. According to the advice of all medical experts have to eat 5 to 7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, and you will hardly find better sources of vitamins, minerals and fiber than the above.
  Wild Rice
Wild rice is often forgotten and neglected undeserved fitness food but will give you 7 g protein and 3 grams of fiber in 1 cup cooked rice (164 g). In raw wild rice protein content reached 23.6 g in 160 g along with huge doses of vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6 and B9 (17-54% of the RDA). In any event, it is a great alternative to brown rice.
  Cottage Cheese 
A low-fat cottage cheese cup (226 g) with 1% fat will give you 28 grams of protein. Another plus is the cottage cheese natural combination of fast and slow digestible protein to keep you satiated and will satisfy your needs amino acid for a longer period of time.
  Chocolate Milk 
Sounds too delicious to be true, but chocolate milk proven to help accumulate more muscle. A study published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, shows that chocolate milk from the store is just as effective as a pre-workout sports drink to increase muscle performance and delay the onset of fatigue.
  Red meat - bison and venison
This is a more expensive touches to menu, but also a better source of protein than beef (less saturated fat and cholesterol), which fought in vitamins of the B group, iron, phosphorus, selenium, zinc and honey.

  Lentils and chickpeas
Who says you have to eat meat to satisfy their needs for protein? These vegetarian and vegan food cams are a good alternative to the saturation of the muscles.

A perfect example that the greatest treasures are often of small size. A cursory glance is enough - at 28 g raw almonds contain 5.9 g protein, 8.6 g monounsaturated and 3.4 g polyunsaturated fat (1 g saturated only), but the most useful for your muscles were 7.3 mg. vitamin E (37% of RDA) - antioxidant, free radicals and disposed to help you recover more quickly and painlessly from intense workouts.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

20 best foods with whom can accumulate muscles - PART ONE

Ability to upload your lean muscle mass and keep it in perfect functional condition as dependent on the degree of effort thrown over weights and cardio as by what you put on your plate at every meal. Listed foods are not in order of priority and importance in building and maintaining muscle. Watch them just like the "spine" around which to build the rest of your diet:
 Whole eggs
Whole eggs provide 6-8 grams of protein with excellent profile and highest absorption after whey protein and plenty of vitamins, zinc, iron and calcium, making them one of the most complex and nutritious food to build muscle, which can to remember.

 Chicken breast
For every 100 g of that fragile meat and lightly get 30 grams protein, minimum fat and no carbs. In addition, they are relatively cheap, easy to cook, ideal for combining with nearly all other types of food and offering thousands of different options for preparation.

 It is not food in the classic sense, but hydrated muscle is "fed" in optimal shape muscle. The body of an adult consists of about 70% water, in muscle tissue water content is approx. 75 percent. A well-stocked with water muscle can boast more power, higher energy levels and accelerated absorption of nutrients and active ingredients. Strive taking 34-35 g of water for each pound of weight, or in other words, a man weighing 85 kg. you should drink about 2.9 liters of water a day (remember, more protein means more water).
 Fish oil
The anti-inflammatory properties contained therein Omega-3 fatty acids allow the body to recover more quickly from strenuous workouts. This can allow you to train more often. Fish oil increases metabolism and digestion and utilization of fat for energy. So unless more muscle, and you will enjoy a better relief.

 Grass-fed veal
The meat of grass-fed cattle is rich in Omega-3 and others. healthy unsaturated fatty acids and loaded with 400% more vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene and vitamin E. It is definitely a better option than the meat of animals fed fodder.

 Turkey meat
It is an excellent source of lean protein and a good source of 11 vitamins and minerals. It boasts a relatively high concentration of selenium, an antioxidant mineral, which according to research in recent years to cope with the prevention of several types of cancer.

Looking for the perfect carbohydrate source that stimulates and gain muscle mass? Quinoa is "your man." 100 g of it contains 14 grams of protein with solid amounts of all nine essential amino acids. Something that other plants can not match.

Classic bodybuilding is a healthy and filling cereal with a wonderful blend of fast and slow carbs, fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. Chopped oatmeal release more flavor, but in all its varieties, they digest slowly, which means that you do not feel hungry for a long time and maintain stable blood sugar levels.

This somewhat surprising addition is a rich source of protein digesting enzyme bromelain, which is added for this purpose and some supplemental complex formulas. Studies show that eating pineapple reduces levels of inflammation in the muscles, which makes a great addition to your diet afterburn.

Spinach increase muscle growth by 20%. There is a small catch. To achieve this effect, you should eat more spinach 900 g per day. Even though 200-300 g per day will be sufficient for more power, plus a portion of the vitamins, minerals and calcium.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Curious healthy facts

  • Peanuts are rich in antioxidants that protect cells from damage associated with heart disease. This kind of nuts contain high levels of protein and "good" fats.
  • Antioxidants are natural substances in plants that protect the body from free radical. Red and orange fruits are very high in antioxidants.
 The following substances have proven antioxidant for the body:
  • Retinol (Vitamin A or beta-carotene) - carrots, broccoli, squash, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, melons, peaches, apricots.
  • Vitamin C - citrus fruits, green peppers, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, strawberries, cabbage, tomatoes.
  • Vitamin E - wheat germ, nuts, seeds, green vegetables, vegetable and fish oil.
  • Selenium - fish, shellfish, red meat, nuts, eggs, chicken and garlic.
  •  Grapefruit is extremely beneficial to the body. It is an invaluable source of vitamin C. Packed with vitamins, low in calories. Grapefruit contains: fruit water - 82-86% sugar - up to 10% fructose - 4% glucose -6%.
 There is a theory according to which must be eating called by "Principle of traffic lights." 
  •   Red (wild strawberry, raspberry, tomato, hips) are rich in flavonoids, which prevent fat accumulation.
  •   Yellow (carrot, apricot, yellow pepper) fruits and vegetables are rich in carotene, which fights free radicals.
  •   Green leafy vegetables (lettuce, green beans, broccoli) contain a plant pigment that regenerates cells.
  •  The carrot has excellent taste and nutritional value, dietary and medicinal properties. Not accidentally, he ranks among the most valuable vegetables in the kitchen of many nations. Carrots contain a lot of sugars, minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin A (about 6 times more vitamin A than tomatoes). Daily need of vitamin A man can be secured only by a carrot, around 100g.
  •  Food products containing fibers are particularly beneficial for health. Two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble. Soluble improve the absorption of food, "then" the level of blood sugar, blood vessels cleaned of bad cholesterol. Contained in oatmeal, cereal, legume products, apples, bananas, carrots and red beets. Insoluble fiber help clear the body of accumulated toxins and dietary fiber in the digestive system and normalize her work. They make up the crust of many fruits and vegetables, but most are in legumes and whole grains. Both are invaluable help on the road to salvation and elegant figure of excess weight.
  •  Not only bones and teeth need calcium, and heart (for normal operation), blood, and every nerve and muscle cells in the body (to function properly). Dairy products are a major source of calcium.
  •  Vitamin B2 breaks down fats and proteins. A day and 1-2 mg of it. So you do not miss, do not rob yourself of eggs, meat and dairy products.
  •  The daily need for vitamin A can be covered with 40 g carrots, 110 g spinach or 130 g oil. There is the pumpkin. Deficiency of this vitamin can occur if you do not eat dairy products or leafy vegetables. 
  •  Vitamin C is a leader in the formation of connective tissue. Without it, the body can not absorb hematopoietic elements folic acid and iron. The daily dose should not be less than 60 mg. There is 20g Kiwi, 30g currants, 40g pepper, 50g cabbage, 100 g oranges, 400 g cooked unpeeled potatoes. Pregnant women need 80 mg and women who are breastfeeding, and smokers - 100 mg.
  •  Fats are mandatory ingredient of food. Energetical equivalent to 1 gram of fat equals 37,7 kJ (9 kcal). Nutritional fats are the only suppliers of indispensable fatty acids with important membrane functions and act as solvents and carriers of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. 
  •  Selenium is an antioxidant that is involved in the reduction of free radicals released when the body processes. This oligoelement, like other antioxidants, "destroy" excess free radicals formed by processes in the body. The required daily amount of selenium is 60 mcg for adults. Most of this element is contained in seafood, mustard, chicken and eggs. Recent studies have shown that selenium reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.