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Thursday, May 16, 2013

10 excuses that will fail your diet

1. The time now is 16:00 and I'm tired something sweet will give me strength toearn the rest of the day.
Even if you get power, it will be because your blood sugar has risen considerably,which means that a little later in the day there will be a sharp decline, which will lead to a state in which you are more tired and irritable than right now.

However, few almonds (or other healthy planned food) will help you feel more focused and strong until the end of the day.

2. I was so nice, and diligent lately. Should be rewarded.

Actually, if you eat something that is not included in your diet, it does not have aprize. This will only away from the target, and no doubt you will feel depressed,weak and out of control. You need to show character and to say "NO".

3Just once will not hurt me.
You can run X miles to burn 100 calories. Treat desired X00 contains calories, which means that you run X miles in more than already planned cardio to move according to plan. Moreover, if once break regime and then easily do it again and again ...

4I'm super tired! I can not cook tonight, so I will pass through the nearby lunchroom.

You may be tired, but it is better to think of a simple way to eatIn some fast food has more calories than your food for the day! You can grab a salad from the supermarket or buy a ready chicken breasts.

5But there's nothing else to eat and I'm hungry.

Less hunger will not kill you! It is better to be uncomfortable for a while and wait until you can get something to eat healthy than to throw on a hamburger or pizza.

6. I just got the best news! I think you need to relax and celebrate them!

Consider that if you eat something bad, it will not make you happy of this achievementIn fact, junk food will prevent the achievement of another important goal, you work for beautiful and healthy body.

This is just another case where emotion makes you do things that are not acceptable. Can fully enjoy good news and no junk food. At a later stage will really have something to celebrate, because it will have achieved its goal in the gym!

7I paid for this meal and do not want to lose my money.

How much money do you really lose if you throw away the junk food? Not many. I'll ruin you losing those few euro? Of course not. Moreover, time is money, and you will need more time to burn excess fat ingested.

8. I hate to waste food.

Waste would be to eat harmful food that does not make sense and will only harm your diet ... Better give it to someone homeless or hungry child!

9. All other feed on such things.

You are committed to a healthy lifestyle and the rest do not matterFurthermore, people who eat junk food and are not overweightwere again exposed to very serious health problems.

10Is free

Everyone enjoys the free benefits, but in this case, better for you, you enter the food you plan your day? No. Eating free food now will save you any money later. All of which will contribute, is to move away from your destination.