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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

5 fitness activities on the beach

What gym? Fitness right? Summer, sun, sea, sand, relaxation ... what gym? The beach canbecome an arena of sports entertainment that can be converted into fitness activities. How?

Even for relaxing holiday is needed an energy . Hardly think your ideas, so integrating directly with 5 practical tips for 5 fitness activities on the beach:

  • Jogging by the sea - Jogging strengthens the cardiovascular and muscular system, reduces stress, raises stamina and helps in weight loss. Jogging along the coastal strip is more pleasant. The air is saturated with iodine vapor and inhaled is very useful for health. Yoga and Pilates are also ideal for practicing the beach.
  • Swimming - excellent cardio. To activate all muscle groups - the main role is played back muscles, but also participate and triceps, abs, and those legs. To spend 25% more calories than other exercises (swimming for 60 minutes in a moderate pace to burn 475 calories, while fast swimming - 660 kcal).
  • Water exercise - As a result of water resistance, the load of the muscles is stronger and change the place of training (from shallow to deep and back) is amended and intensity of exercises: guided walking or running intervals in the shallow, squat in the water, jumping in the waves, etc.
  • Kitesurfing - extreme water sport that is practiced with kite surfing or kite boarding. Uses a board with or without bindings, combined with the power of a large controllable kite (wing), which is drawn through the water. Beginners necessarily take professional lessons in kite surfing schools.
  • Beach volleyball - burns about 200 calories in just 30 minutes. Loaded and tones all muscles. Filled with positivity and competitive spirit. Whether you practice in the rules or just for fun, you decide yourself.

The walk along the beach is also a great workout. Adding dynamic sex with stormy summer time, we have a complete fitness program.