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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sleep and its meaning for us

 Sleep, why we need it, why it can be difficult to get it, how it affects everything - from the physical form of the athlete to our personal success and health, this is one of the most interesting topics in today.

 In 2002 survey of Scripps Clinic Sleep Center, California, mortality compared between more than 1 million adult Americans. All were part of a study on cancer prevention and they were required to report the average duration of sleep. At the time, the survey results seem surprising, but then were confirmed by similar in Europe and East Asia.

 What is the optimal time to sleep?
According to surveys, people who sleep between 6.5 and 7.5 hours per night live the longest. Those who sleep 8 or more, or less than 6.5,
live less.

There seems to be evidence that lack of sleep and too much sleep have the same negative effect on people.

Perhaps it is interesting to note that the length of the long sleep is 8 hours and up to 8.5 hours sleep can be worse than to sleep only 5 per night. We can only guess why people who sleep of between 6.5 and 7.5 hours a day, live longer, but we do not really know why.

For example, we are not sure that the person who sleeps less you will live longer if you start to relax more, or someone who sleeps a lot, will have a longer life if you start to get up earlier.

Something you need to know as athletes or bodybuilders is that one of the few moments when the muscles grow is during sleep. For trainees sleep is essential for recovery, in fact it is as important as the workouts themselves.

 8 - hour myth is shattered!

 Citing research and first hand information, we can summarize that the 8-hour myth is refuted, but it still remains average duration of sleep in most people. It is possible that the amount of sleep we need to be determined by our genes and therefore there EARLY RISERS and sleepyhead.

Our genes may determine the duration of sleep, from which our body needs to recover. They determinate the time range in which EARLY RISERS require less of the average amount of sleep, while sleepyhead much greater.

 Sleep deprivation

When you do not cover the needs of sleep that our body requires occurs so-called lack of sleep. It may accumulate gradually. There are different symptoms when suffering from lack of sleep:

Daytime sleepiness
Concentration problems
Poor judgment
Increased risk of accidents
Other health complications

Can be overcome with sleep deprivation as a nap more than occasionally, or just go to bed earlier.


Sleep is very important for everyone, whether a bodybuilder or an untrained person, so try your body getting the rest!

Friday, August 30, 2013

15 foods with a bad reputation, are actually good for us (Part Two)

Myths about harmful foods actually harm the diversity of our diet, and therefore our health. Many of these myths are built around incomplete or incorrectly aggregated research data, then the word becomes a mass delusion. Today we will try to reclaim second portion for alleged bad foods:

9. dried fruits
Wow, how many calories you shout? Yes it is, but lucky for you that are far from "empty calories." Dried fruits are an excellent substitute for the rich in calories but low in nutrients chocolate candy and more. confectionery. They contain almost the same nutritional and active substances as their fresh option - antioxidants, vitamins A, C, B9, minerals and fiber, but in a much more concentrated form. Choose natural dried fruit without added sugar - apples, plums, apricots, cranberries, black currants, figs. They are combined wonderfully with your oat flakes with skimmed yogurt or cottage cheese, and are great for a snack and a leg when you're on the road.

10. mushrooms

As they are white or pale in color, many falsely believe that the mushrooms will not bring the same wealth of nutrients like saturated color of tomatoes or broccoli. Actually mushrooms absorb as "sponge" vitamins and minerals. A portion of 5 medium sized mushrooms contains only 20 calories and large amounts of vitamins B2, B3, D, selenium, calcium and iron. Studies show that mushrooms maintain the health of the immune system and have anti-cancer properties. According to the American Cancer Society, "Shiitake mushrooms inhibit the development and progression of cancer ... and further prevent the development of heart disease, reducing cholesterol levels. 'Mushrooms are the perfect substitute for meat for vegetarians because they have similar taste characteristics similar flavor and high in protein.

11. nuts

High in fat and calories, but that does not mean you will gain weight when you eat them. Actually, research shows just the opposite - people who consume nuts regularly are weaker and have better quality diets than those who avoid them. Study from 2013, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that those who have replaced other foods in their diet with nuts, have dropped an average of 635 g more than respecting other form of diet. Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids in them support the health of the heart and blood vessels, and decrease inflammation. Plant sterols further contribute to lowering cholesterol levels.

12. shrimps

Now certainly you will jump on the chair - How to eat something with so much cholesterol!? Shrimps are high in cholesterol, but do not contain saturated fat. A recent study showed that food does not increase the cholesterol levels of cholesterol in the blood, unless it is combined with the high amounts of saturated fat. Like all fish and seafood, shrimp are rich in polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids that soothe inflammation and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. A portion of 100 g shrimp contain less than 100 calories, about 20 grams of protein and almost no saturated fat. Moreover, compared to other food sources of omega-3 fatty acids, shrimps can boast one of the lowest levels of mercury. Do I need to convince you more?

13. peanut butter

Yes, it is a high-calorie food, but moderate consumption helps to control hunger and weight loss. Study of the Harvard School of Public Health found that women who eat 1 portion (1 tablespoon) peanut butter or nut 2 or more times a week, a few kilograms picked less and reduce the risk of obesity as 25% compared with those who enjoy less of peanut butter. One possible reason for this is that the breakfast consisting of peanut oil keeps City for a long time because of their content of protein, fiber and fat useful. In order not to overdo the calories you eat 2 tablespoons natural or organic peanut butter without added sugar daily.

14. potatoes

Potatoes have a high glycemic index and are considered to be harmful to your body weight, but according to the authors of the book "Appetite for Health", Julie Upton and Katherine Bruuking, their bad reputation is due primarily to the way in which they are cooked - such as fried instead of baked in the oven or grill. In fact, one medium potato contains only 170 calories, and in contrast, is an excellent source of potassium, fiber and resistant starch - a complex carbohydrate that is not digested and helps prevent spikes in blood sugar, while maintaining a feeling of satiety. In the skin of the potatoes are again concentrated antioxidants improves heart health and have anti-cancer properties.

15. popcorn

In 2012, researchers from the University of Scranton shocked many, finding that natural popcorn, popcorn with hot air contains 2 times more antioxidants - about 300 mg. polyphenols per serving than a lot of fruits and vegetables. Beneficial phytonutrients are concentrated in the dark shell of maize grains - things that we often get stuck between your teeth. This is a real light and wholegrain food, unlike many of the whole grain breads, which are only partly whole. Remember - it concerns natural popcorn made ​​with hot air - 3 cups of them contain only October 100 calories, 2 times less than the store-bought microwave popcorn, 3 grams of fiber and only 28%, mainly polyunsaturated fats instead of 43% fat, of which quite saturated, in a semi-microwave popcorn.

To part one

15 foods with a bad reputation, which are actually good for us (Part One)

1. white rice

Some of the strongest nations in the world, including Japanese, eat rice with almost every meal of the day. Recent studies have shown that people, including white rice into weekly menu actually reduce the risk of becoming obese. It is true that white rice is processed from brown and lose some of their nutritional value, but some manufacturers enrich it with additional micronutrients, which are generally lost in the course of processing. Indeed, the surprise lies in the fact that the shell of bran of brown rice contains phytic acid - antinutrient that blocks the absorption of zinc and iron from food. Research published in Consumer Reports in 2012, showed that brown rice has a higher concentration of arsenic than in the white.

2. Eggs with yolks

Careful with the whole eggs and separate the yolks earnestly, because you know that they have too much cholesterol, but according to recent studies saturated fat, not dietary cholesterol, is the main culprit for the deterioration of the health of the cardiovascular system. One of the wines of unfair prosecution for damaging eggs is that in the morning, according to Western tradition are served with rich in saturated fat and extra fried, crispy bacon or sausage grease.

Study of early 2013 found that a protein-rich eggs create a greater sense of satiety and reduce appetite better throughout the day from carb cereal. Egg yolks are "gold" not only in color, and because adding 3 g of protein, vitamin D, vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B4 (choline) and selenium. Eggs are coincidentally gold standard protein, as found in large quantities all 9 essential amino acids.

3. coffee

You have many reasons not to give up your morning cup of joy. In addition to caffeine, which increases stamina, alertness and improves reflexes and concentration, laboratory tests show that coffee is the leading source of flavonoids in the Western diet. Flavonoids are a major class of antioxidants that improve heart health, protect cells from the damaging effects of free radicals and not only slowing down the aging process, but also protect against the development of some serious degenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. Aside from improving athletic performance and the speed when running and intensity when working with weights, coffee in moderation reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and helps fight obesity, according to a set of medical research, quoted by New York Times in an extensive material in 2009 health experts all agree that moderate amounts of coffee - up to 3 cups daily wear sensitive health benefits without the risks are known to him.

4. pasta

If you opted out from white pasta because its high glycemic index, then we have good news for you. Pasta, spaghetti and macaroni made ​​from durum wheat by durum actually have glycemic index of 45-50, which is lower than the upper limit of 55, which means that this paste will cause peak blood sugar and ensure sustainable and prolonged satiety and steady release of energy. The key to the usefulness of the paste is not exceeding the portion of the 1 cup cooked pasta or 1 handful of dried product. For a balanced and nutritious meals, combine pasta from durum, spelled or spelled with vegetables, seafood or lean protein like chicken or tempeh and cover everything with tomato sauce with oregano and basil instead of greasy sauce with cream or melted cheese.

5. frozen vegetables

Frozen vegetables lose only around 5% of the vitamins, but research shows that contain more phytonutrients, antioxidants or even protein from their fresh counterparts as they are picked at the peak of ripeness and freezing is sealed their useful substances that would otherwise be lost every day after their separation and before they reached our table. Fresh fruit and vegetables is always a good option, especially if they come to you freshly picked from the manufacturer, but for winter frozen fruits and vegetables are a good option. Optimal period in which they kept a maximum of their beneficial ingredients 3-4 to 6 months.

6. alcohol

Here the bad reputation is also due to alcohol abuse with a high alcohol content of. Moderate consumption of beer and wine, which means one drink a day for women and two drinks for men has proven health benefits - reducing the risk of heart attack and others. cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and some kinds of cancer. As much as strange it may sound, moderate alcohol consumption keeps the sharpness of thought processes in the course of aging and keep your brain healthy. Research University "Loyola" in Chicago in 2011, published on the website of Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment shows that moderate alcohol consumption reduces by 23% the risk of developing degenerative mental illnesses like Alzheimer's disease. Much of the beneficial effect of red wine and dark beers is due to the fact that they are rich in antioxidants.

7. beef meat

If you are not vegetarian or vegan, or you have not yet lost hope that red meat will actually help you lose some weight or strengthen your heart, you will be pleased to hear that moderate amounts of beef in the diet achieved just that. It is, however, pure lean beef with 10 grams of fat and no more than 4.5 g saturated in such portion of 100 g veal with a high concentration not only proteinogenic amino acids, but 10 essential vitamins minerals such as vitamin B-complexes, iron zinc, and their amounts are larger in animals grown without hormones or antibiotics grass-fed.

8. Cranberry juice

Perhaps you have stopped to drink fruit juices because few fruit content or large amounts of added sugar in them. And you're right. An important exception here is natural cranberry juice, which, thanks to its unique distinct health benefits worth attending in your diet. If you have a urinary tract infection, you may already know that cranberry juice is very effective in relieving their symptoms because of bacterial cleansing action. This makes it even better as a means to prevent such bacterial infections. The effect of the cranberries is due to the high content of proanthocyanidins (PACs) - unique flavonoids which prevent E.Coli bacteria to attach to the cells of the urinary tract, where they can multiply cause infection. Research in 2011 at the Polytechnic Institute "Worcester" showed that natural cranberry juice creates an effective protective biofilm on the lining of the urinary tract than proanthocyanidins extracted from the fruit in the form of tablets.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Yoga improves mood

Researchers at Boston University found that practicing yoga is an effective way to improve mood and reduce anxiety. They analyzed the levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid, which is synthesized in the brain and improves its recovery function.

Low levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid are associated with the occurrence of depression and anxiety, explain specialists.

In a study involving two randomized groups of volunteers, the research team is trying to determine the levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid and how they affect the mental health of the participants.

For 12 weeks the first group practiced yoga three times a week with a duration of one hour. The second is checksum.
Researchers monitored the levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid using the magnetic resonance imaging before and after the start of the study.

The results show that levels gamma-aminobutyric acid volunteers practicing yoga, are higher than those of the control group. After an interview with a specialist to determine the mental health of volunteers, it was found that the first group with reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression as opposed to the second.

The results and conclusions of the study are published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

For a healthy and strong heart - purify your arteries through these natural foods

During the study of Mexico in 1996 was found that people who eat avocado every day for one week, the signed 17 per cent drop in the levels of their total cholesterol. Simultaneously, in the blood of lovers avocado was noticed a rise in the quantities of good HDL cholesterol.

 Whole Grains
Soluble fiber, found in whole-grain content of bread, brown rice and oatmeal are associated with cholesterol and help his removal out of the body. That is why this kind of food is considered one of the best friends of a healthy heart.

Sterols are compounds that are figuratively "compete" with cholesterol for absorption of nutrients are trapped in the gastrointestinal tract. Sterols have the ability to reduce high levels of bad LDL cholesterol, and most often they can be acquired through consumption of quality fresh milk, margarine and orange juice or juices.

Pomegranate is rich in phytochemicals that act as antioxidants, protecting the lining of the artery damage. Study in 2005, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that regular consumption of pomegranate stimulates the natural production of more nitric oxide, which in turn facilitates blood flow and keep arteries open to nutrients passing through them.

Broccoli is an excellent source of valuable vitamin K, which interferes with calcium damaging arteries. Because of its vast fiber, broccoli also contribute to the efficient and lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Spice turmeric and its active
substances - curcumin have potent anti-inflammatory properties help reduce internal inflammation, which are among the main culprits for the development of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). Moreover, curcumin and helps to reduce the fat depositions in the arteries up to 26%.

Regular eating of watermelon has a positive effect not only on yourself slim the figure, but also the successful regulation of blood pressure. This delicious summer fruit contains within itself robust amounts of the amino acid citrulline, which stimulates the production of nitric oxide and helps in dilation of arterial blood vessels.

Olive oil loses its valuable antioxidant when you cooke

Cooking with expensive extra virgin olive oil is pointless waste of resources, warn researchers from the University of Porto. During a series of experiments, Portuguese researchers found that during thermal treatment the beneficial phenolic compounds in olive oil lose their properties. Precisely these phenolic compounds are mostly linked with the main antioxidative active substances that protect the cells in the human body against oxidative stress and the development of cancer.

Olive oil has long been considered one of the healthiest additions to any diet. Many nutritionists are even of the opinion that it should be widely used in the preparation of various foods. However, experts from the University of Porto strongly defend their thesis that there is absolutely no sense to cook with it - "Whether frying, boiling soup or cook meals in the microwave for heating the concentration of phenolic compounds in olive oil drastically reduced. Furthermore - in terms of the end result, in the heat treatment extra virgin olive oil inevitably becomes simple oil or even cooking oil in the standard. But you talk to flavor salads and fresh products - olive oil really is the perfect healthy choice. "

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Muscle Hypertrophy

Muscle hypertrophy is a term which means the increase in volume of the muscles due to the growth of muscle cells, especially muscle fibers.

  The amount of muscle in the human body depends precisely on the number of muscle fibers and their density - two indicators that can be successfully increased by compensatory effects caused by heavy weight training.

 How it works - every muscle (or muscle group) is made up of bundles of muscle fibers. Loads and physical stress which arises during exercises with weights, making the structure of each muscle fiber thicker and dense. This physiological process gives inflated appearance of the muscles, which are dreaming all cross the threshold of finesse gym.

 To achieve quality muscle hypertrophy and increased muscle growth the most important condition is to maintain a good protein synthesis. He for its part depends on the proper nutrients that enters the body and allow it to meet the needs of the internal processes that have the greatest impact on the accumulation of lean muscle mass.

25 basic fitness facts that you should be aware to be able to achieve progress in the gym

1. Losing weight is not so much physical as mental challenge - it's all in your head and the biggest change has to start right there.

2. Dehydration of the muscles with only 3% can cause a 10 percent loss of their physical strength.

3. Proteins have the highest thermic effect of food (TEF)

4. Just because you're weak, does not automatically mean you have a low body fat percentage

5. Squats are an exercise that should be compulsory in any exercise program

 6. Body burns at times more calories over 23 hours, during which do not training than in one hour, during which it is subjected to intense physical activity.

7. 1 gram of carbohydrates contains 4 calories. 1 gram fat contains 9 calories. 1 gram of protein contains 4 calories. 1 gram of alcohol contains 7 calories.

8. To remove 0,5 kg of body weight you have to burn 3500 calories

9. An average person can store up to 500 grams of glycogen in its body

10. Muscle glycogen is composed of about 3 parts water and 1 part glucose.

 11. Can not cause fat loss in only one part of the body such as the abdomen. The truth is that belly will start decrease, even when the total percentage of fat in the body decline.

12. Muscle weighs as much as fat, but unlike them, they are denser and therefore muscular body always looks visually weaker though weight loss is the same as the limp.

13. Formulas for calculating body fat and ideal weight based on the ratio between height and weight can not be accurate because they do not take into account the individual physiological characteristics of each individual.

14. The more intense it is a workout, the greater effect it has on the burning calorie of the end of the physical activity.

15. By itself not eating late at night leads to weight gain - overeating, however in the TV during your favorite show or series night surely will make the scales jump up.

16. That in its content a product is listed as "whole grain" does not make it healthy.

17. There is a direct correlation between high fitness level of the people close to you, and your own physical form.

18. Much more difficult to gain 5 kg pure muscle mass than to download 5 kg body fat

19. In people over age 18, mast cells can be created but not lost - only shrunken.

20. 90% of the healthiest foods in the big chain stores are located in the perimeter around the shelves of fruit and vegetables

21. There are 3 types of skeletal muscle fibers - slow oxidative fibers, fast oxidative fibers, white muscle fibers.

22. The increase in physical strength is achieved by the hypertrophy of the muscles.

23. The more muscle a person has, the more calories can burn his body when at rest.

24. Healthy levels of testosterone in the body are equally important for both men and women.

25. 80% of people who start training fitness regime quit after the first or second week

8 easy ways to avoid weight gain during holidays

1. Rent a room with kitchen

Get an apartment or room with kitchen, kitchenette or at least a refrigerator, so you can load your favorite healthy foods. This way the healthy diet will not stay home and you will avoid large or too fat and calorie dishes in restaurants. As dinner resort's always a thrill, go out to eat out at night, and for breakfast and lunch prepare something delicious on your own.

2. Active therapy with something new to listen to

Motivation to stay active during the holidays, instead of lying in bed until early afternoon, sometimes the biggest challenge. Something that can help is the new music and audiobooks that you create the right mood when you come to stir into action. This way you won't torture with the dilemma cardio or book - you can have them 2 in 1!

3. Lark, early trains

Studies have shown that the people who train in the morning  follow fitness regime easier. Simply exercises at morning the minimum impediment to a busy schedule during the day and are less likely to forget them. The same goes for the holidays, especially if you are sleepyhead. And do not ruin when you exit to run on the beach, for example - 10-20 minutes of physical activity sufficient, especially given that the only problem is your metabolism to stay awake during the holidays.

4. Pack the training Bands

Dumbbells can weigh heavily your luggage, but with training elastics there is no such danger. With them you'll make easy, and fun exercises for the whole body without even having to leave the room. You do not know training programs with elastics? YouTube is always there! 

5. Attractions here attraction there!

Even if you do not do your typical workout, you can always burn calories by walking around the local sights and mini-tours. If you get a mountain trail with a backpack you were moving 490 calories per hour, cycling will burn 420, and rock climbing - up to about 563 calories. If going to the resort, as well choose one that offers a wide selection of such activities - yoga, kayaking, beach volleyball, there are ways to have fun while taking care of your body!
6. Stairs and hills

Book your room on high - whether in house / hotel on a hill or on the higher floors of the hotel and use the stairs instead of the elevator. If there are sights that require boarding or disembarking not delay a little and visit them! And do not go in the first directional restaurant, walk a little further.

7. If the hotel probably has a fitness 

In order to not worry about exercise equipment, you can always head to the hotel gym. Or at least with yoga classes or pilates. If you have not tried it yet, do not worry - you vacation is the time to try something new?

 8. Travel with running shoes or sneakers

The most common justification for rounded tummy after a holiday is likely: "I forgot to put my running shoes in the luggage." As not likely to wear costumes during the vacation, travel with sports shoes. And this way will be easier to run if you miss the bus, train or plane.