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Friday, August 9, 2013

How to keep your motivation when dieting

Anyone can success with their diet and get rid from overweight, finally, as long as you keep your focus. Here are the most important tips:

1. Turn your diet a priority number 1. Enter into transactions with yourself - if you turn off harmful foods from your diet that are sure to adore, you're pleasing with something else (other than calorie food). If you stay away from the bad pastry dough and fried foods will be rewarded with something else (purchase, travel, cosmetic procedure) and so you will not feel deprived of "good things in life."

2. Be honest with yourself. Make sure you do not be fooled that you eat healthy and actually harmful assumptions and "exceptions" in the menu. Try to write down everything that goes in your mouth in a notebook or on your phone. Way you can track how many calories you have consumed through apps like MyFitnessPal and MealSnap.

3. Remove the alcohol from your table. We all know that the spirits are high in calories, especially those leading to concentrate. A glass of white wine or beer is acceptable, but not every day.

4. Sleep well. People who are well rested and feel less hungry and less tempted to eat food with carbohydrates and sugar. So do yourself a favor when you go to bed on time and leave you in 8-9 hours sleep a night. This will help your diet, and it will have extra energy to play sports more regularly!

5. Secure your daily motivation. This may sound difficult, but you have to think of something that puts you "on track" whenever you are about to err. Hold a pic in a bathing suit in your wallet or your phone, which will remind you that you have to be responsible for the decision to lose weight once and for all.

6. Make sure you eat a balanced diet. You do not have to stay hungry. Moreover, you have to eat sitting down, not on foot. Eat slowly with a knife and fork and not with your hands. It is less likely to mindlessly consume excess calories.

7. Fill 2/3 of your plate with vegetables. This excludes potatoes and maize. Aim to this proportion for each of their meals. You will get many nutrients from vegetables rich in fiber. Forget the white bread you eat one slice. Remaining 1/3 of your plate should be filled with lean protein - chicken, fish, turkey, seafood, rabbit, veal.