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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Yogurt against Cottage cheese

Which is better for muscles - yogurt or cottage cheese?
 On the one hand, yogurt is full of calcium, especially in comparison with curd and also contains potassium (great for recovery after exercise) and carbohydrates.
On the other hand, the curd is made of the principle of the cheese-like a big mess with milk enzymes and treated with
necessary leaven. Other cheeses are drained, pressed and allowed to ripen, but only curd is drained and washed. Most potassium is lost as well as whey protein, casein protein but remain intact.

 Winner: Curd - technical knockout in the eighth round!

The reason: The reason lies in nutritional value. One cup of cottage cheese contains a whopping 28 grams protein, and a glass of milk contains just 12 grams.

Yes, most of the whey in the curd is lost, but that it is a fantastic source of casein, a slow protein that prevents catabolism for long periods of time between meals and overnight. For this reason, we recommend a cup of cottage cheese before bed. It is rich in glutamine, which increases the levels of growth hormone. As for the yogurt they eat it before training in combination with spoon whey protein.