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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sweet or greasy ?

'Cravings for sweets is not a big problem, but to greasy is, "explains Joe Piscatella. The author of three books on nutrition says: "For many years restrained appetite for sweets, which makes us prefer greasy. Most sweets like chocolate and ice cream contain much less sugar than fat.

The only appetite of the body fats, combined with those in nutrients hidden fatputs many of them in our body. Misconception is that people refuse fat. "They just changed some of the dietary fats with other," says Piscatella. Consumption of meat,butter and whole milk is reduced to a minimum, but people continue to eat ketchup, cheese and croissants. "This means that the fat is still a large part of their food" explains Piscatella.

The solution is not to completely eliminate fat. We need a certain dose of them(even the participants in the "Mr. Olympia" accept 10-20% of calories as fat).Instead, one should not overdo with fat and comply with the limit.

The recommended daily dose of fat is about 30% of total calories. Bodybuilderstake even less. For example, if the daily amount is 2500 calories, you should consume no more than 83 grams in the form of fat, and so to keep within a margin of 30%.

Train after getting up in the morning to improve your sleep

Morning or evening exercise? There is research that shows what works for better quality sleep.

Strength levels are higher when you exercise later during the day, but the quality of sleep may be affected if you exercise then.

Scientists have made a study in which are  men and women  to 30 minutes of jogging trail at 7 am, at 13:00 noon and at 19:00 pm.

When subjects were exercised in the morning, they spent 85% more time in light sleep, 75% more time in deep sleep and increased the frequency of their sleepcycles by 20%.

In other words, the morning workout dramatically increases the quality of your sleepIf you have trouble sleeping, consider moving your workout at the early part 
of the day.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What to do with a lack of motivation?

During a research was carried out the following experiment. A group of volunteershas been set stereotype behavior of the elderly and then was amended speed of response, such as how leaving the hall where the experiment is conducted.

After this reaction time were compared. Entities which asked to behave likeadults, go slower.

For example, when there is a long tradition bodybuilders as promoters to useimages whose content helps to achieve high activity workout.

Maintain high motivation, feeding your subconscious mind with visual images of the body that you want to develop, and the efforts needed to achieve this goal.There are many professionals who are enthusiastic before each workout by looking at their performance. They see that they have lost there better than them and enter the hall with a strong desire to train.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Triceps stretching behind head

Main muscles performing the movement: Triceps
Other muscles involved in movement: Exercise is isolated
Equipment and facilities: Dumbbell
Level: Advanced
Movement: Pushing 

Method of execution

Raise your left hand upright over your shoulder;

Place your right hand on left elbow;

With your left palm reach out to the base of your neck;

With your right palm gently exert pressure on the left elbow by pushing it inward and backward toward the door. Hold the position for 15-20 seconds and repeat with the other arm.

For women: 10 tips for dealing with cellulite

 1. Cleaning the body with a brush
Some experts argue that this is the key to the complete elimination of cellulite.According to them, it helps speed up the lymphatic system in removing toxins from the body.

For best results, moisten your skin and then use a brush. Do this twice a day, but be careful-use 

perfumed products as soon as it can lead to inflammation. Wait atleast half an hour before the uses of these products.

 2. Diet

For many different eating plans claim they can defeat cellulite, but there is nomagic cure-eating only watermelon for three days will not help.
The best anti-cellulite diet is rich in fruits and vegetables. It must have a low fat content (about 25 percent of your daily calories should come from fat, this is about 50 grams per day). The diet should be low in toxins such as caffeine, nicotine andalcohol. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Choose protein wisely. Avoid red meatEat chicken or fish. Limit eggs, salt, sugar and spices.

Consume lots of herbs and seeds. Stop smoking, which hinders blood flowWellcooked legumes such as lentils, beans, etc. are good sources of fiber.

 3. Exercise

They not only burn excess fatwhich can cause cellulitis, but also increase the blood flow to the skin surface, which makes the defects less visible. For bestresults you need to do 30-60 minute aerobic exercise 5-6 times a week. The weights also help since they shape the muscles beneath the skin that concealcellulite. Should notice improved after 6-12 weeks.

 4. Massage

Massage should accelerate the blood circulation in the cellulite areas and alsohelp in the breakdown of toxins and fat. Of course, the only approved treatment for cellulite (entomology) uses rollers to rub the skin. Using previously moisturizer, anti-cellulite cream or massage oil, spend 5-10 minutes rubbing each cellulitearea.

 5. Creams

The most important constituents of cellulite creams are those which are called inhibitors of phosphodiesterase. In plain language, they cease to produce the enzyme that contributes to the preservation of body fat and thus leads to cellulite. Many components have this effect, including theophylline, guarana, menthol, ginkgo biloba and the like. Apply the cream two hours after eating or one hour before a meal. Your body will only burn fat when there is nothing in the bloodstream. Do not expect quick results!

 6. Humidifiers

Hydrated skin shows cellulite less than dehydrated, so it's a good idea turn lotion into your daily regime.

 7. Sun protection factor

Cellulite worsens when the levels of collagen and elastin in the body decreases. Regular use of sunscreen factors will delay and reduce this depletion of collagen and elastin, and will also add moisture.

 8. Tan

The darker skin is, the less noticeable is the cellulite, as well as the shadows caused by the curl, will be less apparent.

 9. Salonovi procedures

Cellulite treatment offered in salons, including masks, body, ultrasound and electrotherapy.

 10. Clinical decisions

If you have tried everything and still no cellulite reducing, cosmetic surgery may be the solution. Results will ranging individually and are not constant.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hugging on your knees up to chest

Type: Stretching
Main muscles performing the movement: Lower back
Other muscles involved in movement: Gluteusi
Equipment and facilities: None
Level: Beginner
Traffic: N / A

  •  Lie on your back and pull both knees to your chest.

  • Keep your hands just below your knees, not just on them, not to put a lot of pressure in your knee joints.

  • Slowly pull your knees to your shoulders. It stretched and gluteal muscles.

MMA flexibility, strength and endurance with UCMMA champion Oli Thompson (Video)

Conditioning workout that will offer you today is a curious mixture of more or lessknown practice imitating animal movements for stretching and flexibility, which at first glance seem a little odd but surprisingly effective and require no equipmentother than your own body.

The most powerful man in Britain (Britain's Strongest Man) 2006 Ollie Thompson,who after retraining in MMA fighter in the heavyweight asset has 10 wins and 5 losses, rising UCMMA champion in 2011 before saving short and inglorious part in the UFC (2 losses in his career, in 2012).

Here's how it all looks on video, shown by Villa, Thompson and editor Men `s Fitness Nick Hatchings:

Friday, April 19, 2013

7 fantastic low-carb foods that help you lose weight faster

There is a dispute between the people of the fitness community as to which is the best diet food in removing excess weight. To achieve its goal, beautifully shaped body, it must apply the three basic fundamentals, strength training, cardio and proper diet.

After reading this article, you will be aware of some useful things that will help you get rid of a lot of fat. Will direct you to some of the best low carb foods that you can easily include in your diet and thus improve your metabolism and make your body fat furnace. Very soon we will say goodbye to unwanted belly fat.

Remember how your mother used to say that the fish is very useful? Well, she was right. The inclusion of fish in your diet would be a wise decision, as it contains lot of protein, a little fat and lots of omega-3 fatty acids, which are very useful for you. Try adding tuna or salmon to your diet as they contain a lot of iron, which helps prevent anemia. There are many different ways to cook fish in a healthy way.

How about clams? Make sure you are not allergic to them. Turn shrimp, oysters and mussels in your diet. Eat them moderately, about 3 times a week. They are delicious and easy to prepare.
 Protein shake

Protein shake - can be consumed quickly and is super easy to prepare. It contains a lot of protein, vitamins and minerals. A shake usually contains at least 20 grams of high quality protein. High is because the absorbed quickly by the body. The best time to eat after a workout or immediately after getting up. 


Next on the list are good, old-fashioned eggs. Do not underestimate them. They contain a lot of protein, and the protein has no cholesterol and fat. Eggs have a complete amino acid profile and can be prepared in many ways.

Follows pure beef. It contains less fat, lots of protein, iron and vitamin B12. It has creatine, which is extremely valuable for the body as it helps with power and all kinds of intense training. Prepare it with lots of vegetables.

  Cottage cheese

Curd is a great low-carb meal. It contains a lot of protein and a food of champions! Than 100 grams curd receive between 14 and 20 grams of protein and fats, and carbohydrates to a minimum. You can eat her just so easy and convenient.
 Vegetable salads
Do not forget to vegetable salads! They should be an important part of your diet. To be a healthy salad, vegetables should be dark green and colorful. Do not overdo the spices - use olive oil, vinegar and salt minimal. Cucumber, tomato, carrot, radish, cabbage, lettuce, they are useful for the organism. You can add boiled eggs and slices of chicken breast.

As you can see, we turned you into a variety of foods that can fill your diet entirely. Combine them and distribute them to 6-7 small servings. If you do, you will have a great metabolism that will win the war on fat. To get maximum results, practice strength training and cardio.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spartan Burpee

As fans of powerplant training, looking for any exercises to build muscle and thus break the deadlock and to build a good physique. This crazy exercise is demonstrated by the co-owner of the Arena Fitness Training Center, Joseph Garcia.
 During the training camps organized by them titled Spartan Training Camps, they take exercised "burpee" and took it into a whole other level to reach the "spartan burpee" which is very difficult exercise. This is a big challenge for the muscles, balance and endurance.  
Do you have the necessary qualities to do a few reps?

Monday, April 15, 2013

Think fast

Rapidly assimilable protein is the right choice for pre-workout

 If you are a bodybuilder, definitely you need a high quality fast-acting protein before your workout. Well, not about eating on the road to fitness, and for 45 minutes before entering the hall.

Amino acids reduce the loss of muscle mass and start the anabolic process, which is a much better option than starving muscle and atrophy for two - three hours. Besides whey, another good choice is egg whites.

 Egg whites are a high source of protein compared to whey and amino acids in the blood supply in the fastest way. A good choice of food would omelet. To avoid dealing with a dozen eggs, you can buy pre-packaged protein in boxes.

Another option is pure meat (without skin or bones) of turkey, chicken or fish. These proteins are not as fast as whites, and absorption becomes even more difficult if they are boiled, not grilled or pan fried. If the meat is tough, digestion is more difficult. You can stimulate the absorption if cut chicken into small pieces, making chewing more effectively and improve the access of digestive enzymes.

 It is important that the meat is clean. Fat delay gastric emptying and slowing the process of digestion. This means that nutrients are released slowly, which is not good for your practice. Instead of cheese, oil or butter for flavor, use chopped tomatoes, vegetables, herbs and spices.

As might be expected, red meat is not a good option for pre-workout. Absorption takes a long time, so it is better to focus on egg whites, whey, chicken and fish.