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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Running is the best cardio

Running requires very little equipment, can be done almost anywhere and burns more calories than most other cardio exercises. Moreover performed outdoors is fun and brings great satisfaction.
     This article is intended for novice runners and it will look exactly on them. As we running requires little equipment, but it is better to wear underwear and clothes from a fabric that absorbs sweat faster and allows easy? Evaporation to feel comfortable and comfortable during your workout. Running shoes with thick soles and ankle stabilizer is also a good idea (there is another belief on this issue, but it'll look a little later).
And for women with larger bust sports bra by lastachna and robust fabric is the most appropriate choice.

 It is imperative that before running to warm up your muscles, joints and tendons to avoid unpleasant injuries. The technique of running continuously lead to disputes, but it is different and each person is different. The view that the landing on the toes or the area between the toes and the foot is the most correct, as thus spared from the heel bone in the shin to the knee. A small group of people also consider running a finger calf strain too much and also lead to injuries. It seems clear that the answer to this question is not as even professional athletes get injured and if their technique is really right that should not be happening. That's why choosing how to land during the running stay at you.

 However, the occurrence of pain and injuries has as medications and supplements that help faster recovery. Of course we recommend taking the above mentioned precautions to minimize this risk. During running breath slowly through the steps and exhale faster. Your hands should move freely in the elbows bent with narrow fingers, but relaxed, not tight. The pace with which to run should not be neither too high nor too low. You alone must find the objectives to endure as long as possible. Do not worry if it does not last a long time on his own pace.
If you get tired quickly in the beginning this is completely normal. Just keep walking energetically, and then pulse and breathing begin running. If you feel pain in the spleen, you have a lack of oxygen in the internal organs.

 Running with bare feet. Even if it sounds ridiculous, there are people who practice it.

 This is the most natural way of running and a number of arguments defending their theory: When we run barefoot, instinctive properly land area between the toes and the foot, not the ankle, the shoes provide "support" does not allow the legs to hardened and strengthening alone, shoes even expensive and slight, add more weight to the legs and slow them down.

 After running you should do stretching again. Restoration of normal breathing becomes much faster if you raise your arms above your head. Running combines very well with swimming or lifting free weights. It is good to take some restorative products such as glutamine or a complex of free essential amino acids to avoid catabolic processes after heavy load.