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Monday, April 15, 2013

How to have more energy ?

We all need a lot of energy, especially during the busiest times of the day. There are countless materials that are devoted to this important topic. We will offer a few tips to increase daily energy and you just have to use them to forget all tiredness and lack of humor.

Although you probably will be not able to apply everything, even a 1-2 performance of our recommendations will help you feel a perceptible difference in a positive way, and this will be reflected in the great work and the gym.
Here are our 10 tips. Let's get started ...

 1. Eat more often.

Perhaps the most important recommendation that you should follow and it is mandatory. The reason for the importance of frequent meals should you clear: food = fuel = energy. Whenever you feel that your energy levels are lower, you just have a healthy breakfast.

  2. Eat natural and pure as possible.

Of course, it does not matter how often you eat is important and what you consume! Avoid processed products filled with chemicals, preservatives, salt, refined sugar. No benefit from them, but only harm.  Emphasize fresh fruits, vegetables, natural food that is not processed with tons of chemicals.

Quality food will supply your body with plenty of nutrients that will recharge your muscles and your brain so that you will be top level in the gym.

  3. The proper amount of carbohydrates.

Many people involved in fitness, go too far in restricting carbohydrates per day. The truth is that our bodies need them, so that should not exclude them, just to find the optimal quantity for us. A good rule of carbohydrate intake is eating about 30 grams per meal.

Focus on rye or whole wheat bread, oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, bean products, brown rice, boiled or baked potatoes, are good sources of carbohydrates. Limit soft drinks, processed juices, sweets, ice cream, etc. Sufficient is a quick look on the label of a product to determine whether it is appropriate.

  4. The proper combination of vitamins / minerals / useful omega fat.

Try to get from food. Sometimes it is very difficult, so you can head to the line multivitamin and omega 3-6-9 products that are on the market for nutritional supplements.

 5. Pre workout energy matrix.

It is extremely difficult to have enough energy to workout after a long day. And it has a solution, since we are in the era of pre-workout products that flooded the market and most of them really work and maximize our results in the courtroom.

6. Hydration.

Every biological function in our body is dependent on water, including the use of sugar and fat for energy for our muscles. Better hydration facilitates the proper functioning of the body, and if you exercise, the water is more important. We're talking about at least 2-3 liters a day. 

 7. Keep track of the amount of caffeine you consume.

Yes, caffeine gives energy, but in some cases leads to a vicious circle and addiction, which is bad for you. You feel tired, drink a cup of coffee, but after a few hours have dropped again, and you need more caffeine. Limit it just before your workout and strive not to break your dream. If you drink more than 2-3 cups of coffee a day, then you are addicted and need to reduce it!

  8. Quality sleep.

Everyone has different needs in terms of quantity of sleep. For most people, seven to eight hours is the optimal option. Sleep is very important to how you feel the next day and for muscle growth.

 9. Exercise in the morning.

We know that getting up early is difficult, but even a workout of 15 minutes will be a great help to increase your daily energy.

 10. Do not overtrain. 

Overtraining is common, especially if you are exercising very intensely and you have no enough time for recovery. Train hard two days and the third do very light cardio workout. So you will not feel like lounging on your days off, and your energy levels will remain high.