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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Water and the water content

How many times have you heard the recommendation to drink at least 8 200-gram cups of water a day? And just for good health - bodybuilder should drink more.

Maybe thirst that makes us to drink water? Or beverages with caffeine, which can not give up, cause dehydration?

Scientists say the man needs an average of 16 glasses of water a day, and women 11. But this amount includes all fluids that you consume during the day incl. soda, tea, coffee, milk, even alcohol (if in moderation, of course). And do not forget the humidity in different types of food. After all there are large variations in the calculation of daily water needs, depending on climate, activity level and how intense sweat. All this makes the recommendation in early ancient right. When you take everything into account here, most people would be great if you just drink water when you are thirsty.

 For bodybuilders, however, is different. For them, it is generally recommended higher intake of water (3-4 liters, and even more for some) day. Water has no calories, but strengthened. This means that when you are on a diet will make her better when you drink as much water. In addition, some supplements like creatine a cell filling effect which requires extra water. A sharp and intense training further enhances the need for it. So if your goal is to remove fat or upload muscles, drink water without thirst upload tell you when.

Remember that taking decent amount of water by certain foods. The table below gives you an idea of ​​just how much water can agree with most consumed.

Cucumber (1 large) 1.25 cups water
Watermelon (1 medium slice) 1.1 cups water
Cup chicken soup 1 cup water
Corn (1 cup) 0.9 cup water
Salad (a half cup) 0.9 cup water
Cup nonfat yogurt 0.8 cup water