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Created with by Pablo García Fernández


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

1 hour boxing workout

You have decided to start boxing? So you must be in the best possible shape. When you're in the ring, your opponent will lavished with blows to the head and body and will hurt you and win. You owe yourself and your loved ones to stay in shape to defend against fist attacks, and also to attack. You can accomplish this with a one-hour workout boxing.
 Step 1
Hit fast punching bag. Make three sessions of three minutes. Fast a punching bag boxing ideal tool to improve the speed of hand and eye coordination - hand. It will improve your endurance and accuracy of impact.
Hit a punching bag repeatedly with your left hand. This is perhaps the most important punch in boxing because it can stun your opponent and also help others to improve their strokes.  
With one minute rest between rounds, it takes 11 minutes.

 Step 2
Hit the boxing bag to develop punches. Boxers quickly learn that you have to use your whole body when you hit the boxing bag, because it will hurt your hands if you just let them swing. Strong
hit start from legs  and go through the middle part of the body and the major muscle groups. It should also using the upper body and shoulders before running all that power to pass through the hands. Hit boxing heard three times in three minute rounds to improve powerful blow.
Rest one minute between rounds. You will finish about 11 minutes.

 Step 3
Jumping rope increases the speed, quickness, athleticism and endurance. The rope is used by boxers from the early 20th century. Boxers like Sugar Ray Robinson, Mohammed Ali etc. used jumping rope to improve their instincts. It will help you burn calories and you can enter into the best possible shape. Jump rope in double sessions in six minutes with one minute rest. That's a total of 13 minutes.

 Step 4
Make sparring against an opponent's weight, height and experience similar to yours. No matter how much work you've done in the gym and how well you can hit fast a punching bag, you have no real idea of ​​how to handle the ring while not beat the opponent. Sparring six three minute rounds. Meanwhile wear boxing helmet and boxing gloves. This will give you an idea of ​​how well you can give punches and defend. With one minute rest between rounds are 23 minutes.