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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

3 things that adversely affect memory

People with this virus or similar chronic infection tend to 26% more to give lower scores in tests of memory, compared with people who do not have such infections.

Long-term infection burden the immune system and injure blood vessels leading to the brain. The result is reduced mental capacity. It is still not clear how to deal with these effects once and for all, but with mental exercises and antiviral medications can reduce the damage.

2. Low levels of Vitamin B12

According to researchers at Rush University, the lack of this vitamin allows dangerous to introduce amino acids in large amounts into the bloodstream, where it struck down the arteries, thus reducing blood flow to the brain. This is easy to fix by taking eggs, beef, milk and seafood, as these foods are good sources of B12. If you are taking a multivitamin is also an option, as most of them contain more than 3.2 micrograms, which is the recommended amount per day.

3. Stress

Many of us happens to us we can not remember all the tasks that we have for the day. But a serious life of constant stress can cause long-term memory problems. Czech study showed that jobs that run under great stress increase the risk of dementia by 35%. Inflammation, which increases in response to stress hormones accelerate aging of the brain.