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Monday, April 15, 2013

Think fast

Rapidly assimilable protein is the right choice for pre-workout

 If you are a bodybuilder, definitely you need a high quality fast-acting protein before your workout. Well, not about eating on the road to fitness, and for 45 minutes before entering the hall.

Amino acids reduce the loss of muscle mass and start the anabolic process, which is a much better option than starving muscle and atrophy for two - three hours. Besides whey, another good choice is egg whites.

 Egg whites are a high source of protein compared to whey and amino acids in the blood supply in the fastest way. A good choice of food would omelet. To avoid dealing with a dozen eggs, you can buy pre-packaged protein in boxes.

Another option is pure meat (without skin or bones) of turkey, chicken or fish. These proteins are not as fast as whites, and absorption becomes even more difficult if they are boiled, not grilled or pan fried. If the meat is tough, digestion is more difficult. You can stimulate the absorption if cut chicken into small pieces, making chewing more effectively and improve the access of digestive enzymes.

 It is important that the meat is clean. Fat delay gastric emptying and slowing the process of digestion. This means that nutrients are released slowly, which is not good for your practice. Instead of cheese, oil or butter for flavor, use chopped tomatoes, vegetables, herbs and spices.

As might be expected, red meat is not a good option for pre-workout. Absorption takes a long time, so it is better to focus on egg whites, whey, chicken and fish.