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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sweet or greasy ?

'Cravings for sweets is not a big problem, but to greasy is, "explains Joe Piscatella. The author of three books on nutrition says: "For many years restrained appetite for sweets, which makes us prefer greasy. Most sweets like chocolate and ice cream contain much less sugar than fat.

The only appetite of the body fats, combined with those in nutrients hidden fatputs many of them in our body. Misconception is that people refuse fat. "They just changed some of the dietary fats with other," says Piscatella. Consumption of meat,butter and whole milk is reduced to a minimum, but people continue to eat ketchup, cheese and croissants. "This means that the fat is still a large part of their food" explains Piscatella.

The solution is not to completely eliminate fat. We need a certain dose of them(even the participants in the "Mr. Olympia" accept 10-20% of calories as fat).Instead, one should not overdo with fat and comply with the limit.

The recommended daily dose of fat is about 30% of total calories. Bodybuilderstake even less. For example, if the daily amount is 2500 calories, you should consume no more than 83 grams in the form of fat, and so to keep within a margin of 30%.