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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The best exercises at home

No need to be a member of a fitness club to train fully.
You can burn calories and strengthen muscles without expensive coaches. Exercise at home with a fitness plan that does not require expensive equipment. Put on a pair of sneakers and find a little space to make a workout for the whole body.

To prepare a complete fitness workout plan that focuses on strength training, aerobics and flexibility. Add calisthenics exercises as part of training for strength. This includes jumps, lifting the lever, push-ups and bending. Such movements require little space and minimal equipment. In addition to building muscle mass, exercise to calisthenics increased
and heart rate.
 Exercises for the main part of the body
Exercises for the main part of the body does not require equipment, you can even perform most of them barefoot. These activities power training improves posture, balance and stability, and give tone the abdominal muscles. Do exercises that train several of the 29 muscles of the main part of your body as a plank, crunches, glutes bridge.

If you have a treadmill or cross trainer, jogging is a great way to make your workout for the lower body while you raise your heart rate and burn a significant number of calories.

 Jumping Rope
Jumping rope is an exercise considerable effects that really shaped calves. Also works for the biceps with small circular movements. With or without jump rope, this is the perfect exercise if you have a small space. Face the challenge burn more calories with double skipping rope, jump twice as high and turn the rope twice for every jump.

 Weight lifting
According to the "American Council on Exercise" lifting barbells and dumbbells can provide you with the most effective way to gain power. Dumbbells are inexpensive and easily stored, you can work with them at home as well as in the gym. Start with basic movements such as rolling, paddling, side lift, presses and flaiys. Strength training with weights twice a week non-consecutive days.