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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The exercises make you more satisfied with your lives

Scientists say people who are not very satisfied with their lives, can change their poor attitude through sport. A new study shows that aerobic exercise reduces the need for other awards, including material benefits. This is due to the natural high spirits that results from training. For new interesting discovery newspaper reported Daily Mail.

Aerobic exercise increases levels and prolong the action of the chemical dopamine, responsible for the specific situation in which a person is during and after workouts.

Researchers from the University of Berlin conducted an experiment by dividing the number of people in the two groups. First group of only stretching exercises, and the second was subjected to a grueling workout. Half an hour later, everyone played a type of gambling cash game where participants had to quickly press buttons to make money.

Researchers note that every human brain reacted in the same manner with regard to the loss of money. However, people in the second group had a less strong desire to press the buttons quickly, including people who adopted practice as an extremely serious.

According to two other recent studies published in the medical journal, sport can dramatically change the attitude of a person towards food. It was found that people who exercise have no desire to eat junk food.