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Friday, July 26, 2013

4 exercises for abdominal press

Importance of the muscles of the core is large in the rest of the body. Without stability in the abdomen to achieve the goals it is impossible to offer workout crunches with which to grow healthy and strong muscles.

 The exercises consecutively with three circular workouts.

1. Crunch presses with dumbbell 
 Lie on your back and bend your legs at the knees. Hold the dumbbell with outstretched arm above his head. Perform crunch ups.

2. Crunches with weight
  According to your level of experience, choose a suitable weight. Beginners could use disk weighing 5 kg, advanced 20 kg.

3. Lift the legs

 Lift the legs forward and up then lift them awry. Advanced you can use ankle weights 2.5 kg.

4.  Side presses
In this exercise, the range of movement is relatively small. About your side and lift both your upper body off the floor and lower body. Hold for a second in the up position.