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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Flat stomach = Mission Possible

As you know, the abdominal area is one of the most difficult to maintain, so for women and
men. For this reason, you should work harder to get a flat stomach, which gladly show.

Here's the "recipe" for a great belly, which consists of five exercises:

1. The first exercise is called "plank." All you have to do is to lie sideways on the floor, leaning with one arm bent at the elbow. Legs are over one another, and the body remains static. Hold for 30 seconds and then relax. Having mastered this exercise, you will see that your abdominal muscles become stronger and more durable.

2. The second exercise is a continuation of the first - side plank. To execute it, you take your similar position away, but put your weight on your palm and gently crossed legs. Once you have taken this position, you must lift your back leg to your chest and return it to its original position. Repeat several times on each side.

3. The third exercise can not be done at home, and if you do not have bench and ball. All you have to do is to lie down on the bench with your legs up so that tense up your abdominal muscles. You have to lean forward about 50 degrees above the bench. Stretch your arms forward and pick up a ball. From this position rotate your body left and right, as do a number of reps on each side. For greater load can increase reps or weight.

4. The fourth exercise also requires additional items. Place the rack of free weights in the corner of the room. Hold one end of the the bar with both hands and feet slightly apart. Describe the arc with your hands, squat with your body left and right. Exercise can become more difficult if you add weights on top of the bar.

5. The fifth exercise requires a large fitness ball. Stand in position for push-ups, and put both feet on the ball. Try to balance your body and the ball. Once you do this, back up the leg and place it on the floor and then back on the ball. Perform the same with the other leg. Start with 20 repetitions.