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Friday, July 19, 2013

Frappuccino contains sugar as much as 31 biscuits

They are sweet, creamy and cold - the perfect choice for a summer drink. Many experts, however, condemn them as "toxic bombs sugar" because it is found in a frappuccino has the same amount of sugar as 31 biscuits. Investigation of "The Mirror" shows that favorite summer drinks some coffee chains contain alarming amounts of sugar.

Besides sugar, in the composition of these drinks have more saturated fat, which recommended daily amount is exceeded only by a few sips. Some kinds of summer frapeta mislead with a healthy appearance, as they contain fruit in the title. Expert advice is to avoid drinks with cream and whole milk because the calories in them vary around 550.

Other option is to select a small amount of drink, reduce sugar or remove any harmful ingredients such as cream, for example. Even if you think that skipping greasy hamburger, you save calories, the truth is that an "ornate" frappuccino may even exceed the calories of junk food. Many world famous brands of coffee are under pressure to show the nutritional value of their products.

Only in this way, users will have full clarity what is worth eating. Activists against obesity in the UK even go further and suggested that the government imposed restrictions on calories and sugar in drinks and food, the newspaper Daily Mail.