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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Apricots are the most helpful food

Chinese experts say that apricots are the most helpfull food product forward its site According to scientists, the orange fruit keeps the heart healthy by maintaining good tone of blood vessels.

The secret is in potassium, which directly affects the blood vessels, blood pressure and also a pectin substance which displays toxins from the body. In apricots also contain iron.

This mixture can be a true salvation for people with anemia and pregnant women. In apricots has a large concentration of minerals such as phosphorus and magnesium. If their level in the body is not enough, starting problems with metabolism and bone are destroyed more easily.

Chinese scientists recommend apricots to consume only fresh, but also dried. Fresh fruit is rich in potassium and is good for cardiovascular diseases. A dried apricots enhance the blood circulation, helps with arrhythmias after myocardial infarction.

Medics advise apricots to eat and during outbreaks of infectious diseases.

These are beta-carotene, which prevents the development of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. To meet the daily demand of vitamin A
enough to eat at 300 g apricots, scientists have found. Furthermore, apricots are a valuable source of iodine.