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Monday, July 8, 2013

Bench press

Main muscles performing the movement: quadriceps muscle (quadriceps)
Other muscles involved in movement: calves, glutes
Mandatory Equipment: Machine
Level: Beginner
Movement: Pushing

Method of execution

1. Load the machine bed and put your feet on the tray.
2. Hold on to the handles, stretch the legs and "unlock" the machine. This is the baseline.
3. Slowly bend your legs, while the angle between the thighs and calves you become right.
4. Then return explosion (but not sharp) to the starting position.

Leg presses are generally safe exercise and do not burden the poor joints. Problems may be encountered due to improper placement of the feet on the platform or at excessive weights.

Set up your feet so that your knees bent legs are approximately the level of your fingers. If your knees go over your toes, subjecting them to high pressure and risk hurting.

In the exercise do not move the upper body. Leave it to lie flat on the back of the machine. The movement should be done only in the hip and knee joints. If you work with heavy weights not fold up legs. First, it will undergo knee intense pressure and risk them traumatic. And secondly, could increase the size of the buttocks. Best fold the legs, thighs and calves while you are at right angles, then return to the starting position.
Through the whole time keep your feet stable at the platform. Do not lift your heels or toes. Otherwise you can get injury in the ankle area and it is quite uncomfortable.
Do not straighten legs fully in the up position. Will load the strong knees and download loads of muscles. Stretch your legs almost, but not entirely.

Do not start the exercise with heavy weights, if you are not warmed up well. Your knees can not withstand the pressure. Let if you're not warmed up, your first series to be less weights and more repetitions.