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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

One pint of beer a day keeps the heart

In the heats one of the most popular drink is beer. Not only men resorted to the frothy drink to quench their thirst and enjoy the pleasant company of the table. While doctors warn that the beer make a belly and that alcohol should be maximally reduced at high temperatures, it does not apply to beer.

Actually, a new study shows that it is extremely beneficial for the heart and prevent cardiovascular disease, writes Daily Mail.

Greek scientists argue that low-alcoholic drinks reduces the risk of heart attack by 30%. It's about a pint a day, so do not rush to take a whole barrel. Her consumption makes the arteries more flexible and blood flow to this vital organ has been greatly improved.

Interestingly, the fully nonalcoholic beer does not have this effect, so that the set of classical and this summer.

Scientists from the University of Athens studied 17 non-smoking men with cardiovascular disease age - late 20s, early 30s. They received 400 ml of beer and a small amount of vodka, which corresponds to the amount of alcohol in beer.

Then again they had been made ​​with studies showing that blood flow to the heart was eased and these arteries were more elastic and those who had contractions relax.

The study was published in the journal "Nutrition". The article also says that the combination of alcohol and antioxidants in beer is the reason she has such good health. Dark beer is the best option for your heart.

Heart attack affects 270 000 people a year in Britain. Two-thirds of them die before they reach hospital.