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Monday, March 4, 2013

Muscle fever

 Muscle fever, physical discomfort that occurs after exercise or after other more intense physical activity.
Sometimes it occurs in the first training of people who were not particularly active, but also suffer from it and systematically exercise. According to the latest data on stiffness, unpleasant feeling actually comes as a result of enhanced processes that occur in the muscles and their growth. The muscle responds to training by reinforcing to a degree higher than the previous building of new muscle tissue segments. This process of reinforcement causes cells to grow and put pressure on surrounding nerves. The duration of stiffness between 24 and 72 hours.

 The best remedy for fever, muscle stiffness itself that was caused recently. Once you get used to the pain, he can carry it easier for weeks, after having served once the initial pain. So you only need to train regularly. There are methods that help for preventing muscle fever, these are good warm-up muscles before workout meal before taking a ride high in carbohydrates that burn slowly and supply muscles with energy, magnesium is a very important element contained in peas, but can taken and capsules.
 Dehydration increases the occurrence of muscle pain is so very important intake of water during the workout and then! 
 When doing cardio, take breaks eat an apple or banana, sugar will load your muscles with energy. Also important to warm up before exercise is not to stop abruptly. After a workout, let the muscles relax. After exercising in the next 8 hours is better to eat foods rich in protein will help muscles is an even faster.