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Monday, March 25, 2013

How to burn more calories ?

If there is not enough time for intense workouts, try to burn calories performing their daily duties. So see you've gotten rid of a few extra pounds without even knowing.

 Use the stairs. Whether working in the building in which you live or anywhere on the go, do not miss the opportunity to "practice on" them. There are ways to diversify up and down stairs. You can take 2-3 at once to jump from step to step with your feet together or to move diagonally.
 Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier standing. Awakening with a short series of exercises accelerates blood circulation, warm the muscles and energizes the entire day. Make at least 3 different exercises with 15-20 repetitions with no rest in between. Only then deal with breakfast. A similar start to the day is much better than a hot dinner already accumulated calories during the day.
 Choose the longest possible route. Wherever you go, never abbreviate distance. I just suggest that there is no shortcut. If you can not or do not want to give up travel by car, park at the end of the car park or as far away from where you are going.
 Sleep naked at night. When the body is cold, burning more calories to keep warm. If you treat more responsible for burning calories, keep the air conditioner turned on to "create more trouble." Even if you do not feel comfortable in the cold effect is proven and worth subjecting at least "temporary cooling."
 How are you conducting your cardio? In this case, the most useful to you well dressed. Strange but true! Sleeping naked and doing cardio exercises more clothes have the same positive effect in terms of burning calories. A sweating during vigorous physical activity also requires more effort for the body to regain normal temperature. A way to burn calories.
 Do you like to watch TV shows? At first glance, it looks and sounds lazy, but not necessarily so. Do not forget that these programs have several ad units that can easily use a few squats, jump or 2-3 stretching exercises. The result is a funny paradox "burning calories watching TV."
 Buy a pedometer. This is a device that is placed around the waist or wrist clocks driven away. So you can keep track of how many steps you do per day in normal times and during physical activity. Knowing how many steps traveled, you can focus on increasing them. Turn it into the game and try to improve each day's record.
 Quicken up your pace. I mean, if you normally traveled a distance of 15 minutes, shorten them to 10. You can also rotate slowly 5 minutes walking 1 minute faster. This speeds up the heart rate and leads to increased calorie burning. 
 Chew the gum. It may seem crazy, but every prechewing, 1 calorie forests. Not much, but it counts. 
 Well, as you can see, there are many creative ways to exit from the routine of everyday life. They will help you maintain good form. Have fun !