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Created with by Pablo García Fernández


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Harmful Drinks

Whether you are trying to lose weight, maintain your weight or just want more - a healthy lifestyle and diet, you should be careful with the drinks and they are part of the game. 
 Fruit juices
Most of them are loaded with sugar (sweeteners), which is not at all healthy and diet. Drink fruit juice label, which says only 100% fruit juice.

 Coffee with cream (milk)
This drink can contain up to 800 calories and 170 grams of sugar. To reduce this, choose skim milk instead of sugar and saccharin.

  Flavored water
These waters contain artificial sweeteners. Select those that are labeled only contain natural flavors.

The high consumption of soft drinks is associated with obesity worldwide. 

 Frozen mixed drinks 
These drinks are usually full of artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. 
 "Healthy" fruit smoothies
Pre-made ​​fruit smoothies fast food does not always have real fruit and are full of sugar.

 Hard alcohol
After two drinks, the risk of obesity and other health problems increases. 

It is better to do you do lemonade, than to buy because it has preservatives and artificial colors. Instead of sugar try honey to sweeten. 

 Sports drinks
Electrolytes are good when you sweat, but most of these drinks also have a lot of sugar and preservatives, you do not need. 

 Energy drinks 
You get a burst of energy, but it will be short, because it is the temporary effect of caffeine and sugar.