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Saturday, March 23, 2013

7 principles of healthy living that keep the heart healthy and prevent cancer

Following the 7 principles of a healthy lifestyle that protect against cardiovascular disease will dramatically reduce long-term risk of developing cancer.
  • Be physically active - working out and sports
  • Maintain normal body weight
  • Eat Healthy
  • Maintain normal cholesterol levels
  • Maintain a normal blood pressure
  • Maintain a stable blood sugar levels
  • Do not smoke
 The more than seven health rules shall comply, the less is the risk to get cancer.
Study participants who kept 6 of the 7 principles are sick with cancer 51 percent less than those who do not adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Those who satisfy the four indicators of cancer risk was lower by 33%, while those who adhered to at least one or two of the rules, the risk of cancer fell by 21%.

Quitting smoking was one of the factors with the greatest burden of cancer prevention. It turned out that those who cover 5-6 of the 7 criteria for a healthy life, but smoke, the risk of cancer is reduced with 25%.