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Friday, March 22, 2013

Protein Shake

The intake of protein should be distributed around 3 time during the day: morning, about weight training (before and after) and at bedtime. Your solution is a protein shake.

When the other body is not getting enough food catabolism in chewing muscles. It rises due to the small hepatic glycogen so perfect start to the day is something with fructose. Instead of going straight to the muscles as glucose, fructose goes to the liver first. It fills glycogen  and catabolism stops. Fructose has it mostly fruits but also in honey.

 Before the workout: 
Well shake before training provides all the necessary ingredients for growth, stops muscle breakdown during the workout and it gives fuel. But why need at least 20 grams of protein and 40 grams slowly digestible carbohydrates. Shake is the perfect way to a perfect balance between training to nutrients without feeling like overfed and back to bodybuilding science, fruits are an excellent addition. Fructose in them longer lasting energy source and will not upload cause the insulin to prevent melting fat during the workout. An additional plus is caffeine, which increases strength and endurance and reduce muscle pain during exercise.

 After workout:
Shake is essential for post-workout and post-workout for the whole meal. Solid food takes too much time to absorb and lose important minutes that would otherwise go to building muscle. So fast carbs (at least in 60g. in the form of sugars) are the main ingredient of any post-workout shake. Add a mixture of 40g. of whey protein and casein protein gives you guarantee for this!

 Low carbohydrate shake: 
An excellent alternative for protein intake at any time, even immediately before sleep.

 At any time:
Since you need to eat every 2-3 hours, if you wait too long for the next meal, muscle building slows you down. Taking a whey protein shake, slowly digestible carbohydrates and healthy fats perfect way to load your muscles with everything you need.