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Friday, March 1, 2013

Include pineapple in your menu for 3 kg less

To get rid faster than extra pounds that have accumulated over the winter and spring, you can help by regularly to eat pineapple.
Nutritionists say in only a week so you can get rid of not less than 3 kg. 

Must take more liquids: tea, juices and mineral water. 

Thanks to this vitamin-rich diet not only the body get rid of excess weight, but also fill their stocks of:
- Potassium, which is necessary for the kidneys and heart
- Zinc, which is actively involved in maintaining a healthy and clean skin
- Magnesium, which is necessary for bone and nervous systems.

 During all this time is not even possible to follow very strict diet. Suffice it after each meal to drink a cup of pineapple juice, U.S. nutritionists cited by the magazine Prevention. According to them, this exotic fruit contributes to the breakdown of fats and prevents their accumulation, while supplying the body and large amounts of minerals and vitamin C.