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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate - the universal language of friendship and love!

Dark chocolate (also called natural or dark chocolate) contains cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla and lecithin (emulsifier).

Cocoa mass in dark chocolate available commercially ranging from 30% (sweet dark chocolate) to 70-80% and the content of milk is up 12%.
European rules specify a minimum content of cocoa mass in dark chocolate is 35%. In the U.S., there is no definition for dark chocolate, but only definition of "sweet chocolate", which means that the minimum concentration of cocoa mix should be 15%. Sweet chocolate does not have to be dark, and do not necessarily contain milk. 
Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids and gallic acid. They protect the body from cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, claims that regular consumption of dark chocolate in small amounts can reduce the risk of heart attack and other heart diseases.


Semi-sweet chocolate has a cocoa mass more than 15% and  milk content under 12%.
Semi-sweet chocolate is dark chocolate with low sugar content. Often used in cooking. It contains at least 35% cocoa mass and generally perceived as darker than sweet dark chocolate and sweeter than bittersweet chocolate. However, the lack of rules on the sugar content means that these classifications are still relative.
  •  Bittersweet chocolate
Bittersweet chocolate is composed of at least 35% cocoa (cocoa mass and cocoa butter) 1/3 sugar, vanilla and sometimes lecithin. In most cases, this type of chocolate cocoa mass content ranges from 50 to 70-80%. The flavor is deeper and more bitter than the sweet dark or semi-sweet chocolate. However, the sugar content is not strictly regulated.
Bittersweet chocolate contains less sugar and more cocoa liquor semi-sweet chocolate, but the two are completely interchangeable when used for cooking purposes.

  •  Unsweetened Chocolate
Unsweetened chocolate is pure cocoa mass and is known as "bitter chocolate" or "chocolate for baking." Is mixed with fat to obtain a solid substance.

It is unadulterated chocolate with a strong and deep flavor. With the addition of sugar, however, unsweetened chocolate is used as the basis for the preparation of cakes, biscuits and other types of chocolate (except white).