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Friday, March 15, 2013

Pushups: perfect exercise

Perhaps one of the most popular and favorite exercises from Athletes around the world are pushups. One reason for this is that they are easy and convenient exercise, which does not require any special equipment or training.
Many people believe that push-ups are an exercise only for the upper body. This, of course, is not true - pushups involved simultaneously different muscle groups. Indeed, the main muscles involved in this exercise are the chest and triceps, but perfect performance, it is necessary to tighten all your muscles - from shoulders to toes. Therefore pushups tighten both buttocks, abs, arms, legs and hips.

Although there are different types of push-ups, the basic principle remains the same - the body weight should not fall only on the hands, not the buttocks, abdomen or legs. Breasts should not touch the floor. They should be within 5-7 inches of the ground.
 Advice for beginners:

  •   If your classic pushups seem difficult, you can perform the same exercise, but the knees. This will reduce the burden they have to lift it halfway.
  •  If you want to tone it down the stress on your wrists, do push-ups with clenched in fists. This burden will fall on the hands and wrists fists will not be loaded. When you run this kind of push-ups, calling into his hands soft mat. 
  • To work different muscle groups when doing push-ups, change the position of the hands and the distance between them.
  • Do push-ups against a mirror or ask your gym instructor to monitor your progress. This will make sure that you follow the exercise correctly.
  • Keep your body upright. Do not move your waist, knees or hips.
  • If you want to tone and tighten your muscles without building your mass do pushups on their knees with more repetitions.
  • If you want to gain muscle mass in the arms and back, do a few pushups classic where the fulcrum is feet, not knees.