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Monday, March 11, 2013

Loss of much weight. People weakened by over 45 kg are doing five main things

Some of them go up to 10 kilometers a day, other weight lifting (as picked up muscle and melting fat), others use the stairs instead of the elevator, park your car far away, etc.

 Getting rid of all the bad food
These include more fruits and vegetables, grilled fish and chicken, more nuts like almonds. Drink more water and avoid sodas. Not limited in the amount of these foods and not gain weight because they stimulate fat burning.

 They receive support
Most of them have a friend, colleague, lover or family member who motivate them to move towards your goal.
For example, one woman lost 45 kg. only because she has accompanied her friend in the morning walk for some time.

 All tried some stupid exercises for weight loss
After seeing that no helps their common sense is spoken and began to eat - a small amount of food (have stopped to eat) and have become - active.

 Take a break from weight loss 
To lose weight 45 kg. its takes time. If you stay on a weight loss program too long without any interruptions result will stop or decrease to a minimum because the body gets used to this mode and it now regarded as a stress. So you should give him a break from time to time.