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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss

Many people understand that weight loss is not easy and ready along with diet run, ride an exercise bike, rowing machine to use. It's all cardio work and really using this kind of weight classes can be reduced significantly, but need to prevent some mistakes to avoid efforts go in vain and the man to despair, although they did not achieve their goal.
Even pros argue about the methodology of cardio workouts, each protected by sufficient facts his theory. In this paper we will point out some errors that experts agreed:

 1. Prolonged low-intensity workout
Until your heart rate reaches 60-80% of the maximum, you will train with minimal effectiveness. One of the most effective cardio is interval training.
Example: 1 minute maximum acceleration 2 minutes moving at a moderate pace. This allows you to increase your metabolism and burn calories hours after your workout.

 2. Incorrect load when using cardio trainer
Note that modern devices can determine the exact load for you if you ask their age, height and weight. Weight should be measured in the morning before you eat breakfast.

 3. Quick hoping to burn more fat
If your goal is to burn fat, keep in mind that this process will begin 15-20 minutes after your workout.
If you want to speed up this process, you can do the following: first 2 minutes warming - small intensity, then 10 minutes - medium intensity, again two minutes - less load, followed by 5 minutes at maximum intensity, then 5 minutes per load, and finally 2 minutes low intensity. Total - 26 minutes.
You may see a complicated but is convened.
In this case, you can define what it means for you as maximum intensity - decide on what unit will do cardio and running at maximum pace, 5 minutes. For every person it's different. For yourself it will be variable to your own fitness levels over time.

 4. Adoption of carbohydrates before exercise or carbohydrate supplements on.
A big mistake! The body will use the accepted energy and you will wonder why you are not losing. 

 5. Workout empty stomach
Does not need to bother? Many people think that you will burn more fat.
Dietitians of sports clinic in the town of Riverside (California, USA) are adamant that it is not worth going to the trouble - not enough to eat 45-60 minutes before training. This is related to the fact that the carbohydrates they need 1 hour to be absorbed.

 6. The more you sweat, the more calories you burn
Do not be fooled! Just your body hydrated.
Forget wrapped with nylon, putting on several layers of warm, etc. Let your body breathe freely, and if executed correctly workouts to 4-5 times a week will not be late.