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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Which foods are "energy vampires"

1. Energy drinks. They can give you a temporary boost of energy, but as soon as the effects of caffeine and other ingredients fall, you will feel more tired than ever. Research shows that caffeine itself loads much more efficient body with energy than energy drinks.

2. Sweets for breakfast: donuts, pancakes, waffles and so on. We all know that piece of chocolate is good for the brain, but the sugar and flour in large quantities are real enemies of energy. When a person consumes a lot of sugar, your body gets used, blood sugar rises. Then the brain stops producing orexin - the ingredient that makes you feel "on guard."

3. Fatty and fried foods. Foods with high fat content impair the proper functioning of the brain. Studies show that fatty foods can cause fatigue in the short term and impair cognitive function in the long term.

4. Red wine and alcohol. Doctors coincidentally recommended for older people who are having sleep problems, a glass of wine before bed. Alcohol is a potent depressant that can cause drowsiness. New research shows that alcohol can mess your sleep patterns and cause continuing fatigue. After a few drinks, a man falls into a deep sleep and misses the phases necessary to improve memory and alertness the next day.

5. Foods low in iron. Low levels of iron in the blood or the so-called anemia are the main culprit for fatigue especially in women. While there are several causes of anemia - from menstruation to a disease of the bone marrow, the low levels of iron are the main problem. In this case, it is recommended that the consumption of dark green foods such as kale, spinach and artichoke. Instead of a plate of rice, try lentils or chickpeas.