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Friday, July 26, 2013

Walking is more effective than intensive workout

Perhaps many people who are just "walk" in the sport, standing with a dilemma: what kind of workout to choose and which exercises would be most effective for them. First of all individually and in certain situations, the best advice can give you specialist. In general cases, however, low-intensity exercise, such as walking, appear to be the best choice for training.

Researchers found that long periods of walking can be more effective than high-intensity workouts. Low intensity exercise improves insulin sensitivity and lipid levels in the blood, which prevents you from diabetes and obesity.

Researchers from Maastrahitskiya University in the Netherlands made ​​an experiment. They divided 18 young people aged between 19 and 24 years in the three groups. The first group does not do anything for 14 hours, and the second group trained intensively only from the 13th to the 14th hour. The third group of young people do nothing for six hours, then walked four hours and then stood for another two hours.

The experiment proved that when the energy input is the same (in the case of the third group) lipid levels and cholesterol significantly improved in comparison with the other two groups, the newspaper Daily Mail. According to Dr. Hans Savelberg person can not compensate for the effects on your health if you train only one hour of the day and the rest of the time spent in inactivity. Negative effects are mostly on insulin sensitivity and plasma lipids. 

Reducing inactivity and spending more time in low intensity activities such as walking or standing, appears to be an effective way to improve certain health parameters.