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Friday, July 19, 2013

Natural sunscreen with supplements and diet

Summer is upon us in full force, but with the pleasure of sunbathing our skin is exposed and harmful UV rays. Sunscreens are not the best choice mainly because of toxic ingredients and blocking the absorption of vitamin D from the skin.

Foods which need to avoid are processed foods, vegetable oils, grains andespecially sugar.

Foods that you should include are:
- Rich in unsaturated fats, especially omega-3;
- Leafy green vegetables;
- Red and orange fruits and vegetables;
- Cocoa and dark chocolate (exclude milk chocolate as he does not the same anti-inflammatory properties);
- Green and black tea.

This summer, add different color fruits and vegetables in your dietThese foods increase the skin's ability to protect itself from harmful UV rays. The secret ingredient as you may have noticed are antioxidants.

For even better protection from the sun recommend that you get the following supplements:

1. Vitamin D3 - protects against skin cancer. Recommended if you no longer sunbathing or you live in a colder climate.

2Vitamin C - helps fight against skin aging and free radicals. It is good for the immune system and anti-inflammatory effect.

3Coconut oil - you may take it as food or use it externally as a lotionSun indispensable supplement.

4. Liver oil the cod - it is a natural source of vitamin E and vitamin A, and omega 3.Perhaps one of the most important supplements to protect the skin from the sunHelps digestion and supports the cardiovascular system.

5. Astaxanthin - Super antioxidant astaxanthin is found in green algae and the organisms that eat them. It is 550 times more powerful than vitamin E and proven protects skin from UV rays. To build his defense needed 2-4 weeks and can obtain it by Spirulina.

It is also important to remember hydration after each sun bath. Keeping your skin hydrated will protect it from further damaging factors.
If you decide to buy a sunscreen, look closely at each component and make sure it is safeThe skin is the largest human organ and everything we put on it is taken directly from the body. The rule is simple if any of the ingredients can not be eatendo not place it on your skin.