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Created with by Pablo García Fernández


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Love your body

Be the best friend of your body motivated to train and live healthy. At least once a day view this list and learn to love your body.
1. Listen to your body - eat when hungry and rest when tired. Show him that you love him taking care of him. Take time for yourself today!

2. Discard the
weighing machine- you're more than a number. Focus on the important things in life.

3. Train to feel good and be healthy - be active and have fun while doing exercises.
4. Wear comfortable clothes according to your figure - too tight or loose clothing are not recommended. Ignore the size. It is more important to feel comfortable and confident.
5. Surround yourself with people who are positive and support you in what you do for your figure. Also, do not criticize others instead try to do compliments. 
6. Do not compare your body to that of girls from magazines and TV ads. It's your body, it is better to accept it and try to improve it than to compare it to think of disadvantages.
 7. Every day repeat to yourself that you are beautiful.

Are you ready to love your body?