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Friday, July 26, 2013

Intense activity for 15 minutes

Perhaps many people would regard with skepticism the short workout. For them real load requires a minimum of an hour in the gym. The next item are supporters of intensive training with a short duration. According to them, only 15 minutes high pressure can do wonders for your figure.

According to a recent survey it is brief and intense exercise significantly increase metabolism and improve bone density. Another study in 2011 even found that daily 15-minute workout can add about three extra years to your life! In other words - the little daily effort brings great benefits.

Ben Greenfield, an expert in fitness and triathlon explains 15-minute workout as follows: "It is" isometric "exercise, which means that you get to keep your body in each of the specific position for a certain period seconds. Then repeat the cycle of exercises three times. "

Sequence of exercises:

- First plank exercise - 45-60 seconds;

- The second exercise is the side plank, 20-30 seconds on each side;

- Third-squat exercise is 45-60 seconds;
- Fourth pushup exercise with dumbbells without bending at the elbows - 45-60 seconds;
- Fifth exercise - attacks knee on the floor - 20-30 seconds per side;

Many people are starting to care more and more of the quick and efficient workouts. They are easy to practice, as it does not require a lot of time and can even be made at home. At first glance, 15-minute workout may seem easy, but do not be fooled, it is not. After a certain period of time and perseverance you will feel that you are becoming stronger.

- Sixth exercise - jumping high knee lifted - 20 seconds;

- Rest - 10 seconds;

 - Seventh exercise - jumping - 20 seconds;
- Rest - 10 seconds;

* Repeat the series of exercises four times!

- Break time - one minute;

- Push anvils - 20 seconds;

- Rest - 10 seconds;

- Squats - 20 seconds;

- Rest - 10 seconds;

* Repeat the series of exercises four times!