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Created with by Pablo García Fernández


Monday, July 22, 2013

5-week program for relievo

We present to you 5 weeks of condensed power-aerobic program that is guaranteed to become embossed and muscular than now. What distinguishes it from other programs is the intensity. It will grow - not as a burden but rather as an implementation of advanced training techniques. And the degree of change that will finally see, you only depend on your perseverance.

Always start with a 5-10 minute warm-up, followed by gentle stretching of the working muscle group. Series and repetitions are pyramid principle "slightly worse" - the first in the majority with small weights and heating, working with heavier weights, selected so as to reach the failure of the prescribed number of repetitions. (Note: you usually do warm-up before heavy sets in the first exercise only one muscle group - not all exercises require heating.)

Gaining weight and maintaining it during the program for relief is important - muscle is metabolically active and burns calories even at rest, so the more muscle accumulate, the more efficiently your body will burn excess calories.

Weeks 1-3. In these workouts you have 3 consecutive days (each once a week), focusing every time on the abdomen. Observe proper performance, smooth tempo and speed, pump at the point of peak contraction, descending under control and avoid inertia. Rest 60 seconds to small muscle groups (arms and shoulders), and 90 seconds for the big ones. Relax you more, train more like power triboets than a bodybuilder, which is contrary to the objectives of this program. Added advanced techniques that are performed in the worst series of one exercise for each muscle group (eg drop series in one exercise for back and forced reps on the chest). Some of them require a training partner - if you have one, use a different technique. There is also a new feature - an exercise in choice for each training day. Decide which part of your body type you are working on that day, needs more attention, and add exercise choice, which is not mentioned in the program. But note that it already on the verge of overtraining. 

Week 4-5. The intensity and the weights are strengthened by dividing the body 3, and a 2-training, and each of them is performed 2 times a week (a total of 4 weeks). Intensity increases: move from exercise to exercise and run a series of faster, resting only 45-75 seconds between sets. Finally add advanced techniques in two classes at selected muscle groups to workout is on the verge of rejection. The objective is two weeks to raise the body's metabolism. If you do not sweat so not doing enough.

In the continuation of the article itself and expect training split with detailed exercises, sets and reps.