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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Top 8 exercises for weak and tight butt

8. Squats

7. Quick squats 
The goal is to perform classic squats as you faster. Start with a series of 10 and increase the number every day.

 6. Running
There is no better way to weight loss from running. Since it uses the muscles of the entire body.

5. Jumping 
Jumps are best suited precisely to tighten your butt. Do with legs apart and arms stretched up.

4. Weight lifting 
Place the dumbbells in front of you and standing position raise them up.

3. Cycling 
Cycling is great exercise for your butt and legs.

2. Swimming 
Swimming stimulates and tightens the muscles of the whole body, especially the butt.

1. Climbing stairs 
Climbing stairs is ideal for tightening your butt, especially if you upload them through one.