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Created with by Pablo García Fernández


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bulgarian squat

Main muscles performing the movement: the quadriceps (quadriceps muscle)
Other muscles involved in movement: calf, gluteusi, glutes
Mandatory Equipment: dumbbell / barbell
Level: Advanced
Movement: Pushing

Method of execution

Place the bench across on one of the mirrors in the club bar to select the required weight;

Pose with no weight and do two or three iterations to make sure that your position is good;

Step with two feet on the floor, grab a barbell squat (not just bending) first put it on the chest, and then lift it behind the neck. Place the support leg on the bench;

Lower until your hip is aligned with the knee of the working leg;

Down slow speed, stop smoothly;

Begin rising gradually until you return back to the starting point 3.


Avoid sudden movements, especially when descending;

Do not crush the knee on the floor;

Do not bend, keep the body upright;

In the embodiment, your entire foot to the floor, i.e. Your weight should be evenly distributed;