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Created with by Pablo García Fernández


Friday, August 16, 2013

Deadlift with bands

Main muscles performing the movement: Lower back
Other muscles involved in movement: Forearm, gluteusi, glutes, middle back, quadriceps, trapeze
Equipment and Supplies: Bands, bar
Level: Experts
Movement: Pulling

Method of execution
Take 2 rubber bands and wrap them around the lever, stand next to joint insecure, feet are shoulder-width apart and overlap the two bands. Grasp the bar slightly wider than the width of the legs. Bend your knees, lower the seat back is upright. During the exercise, head facing forward, and the gaze is directed forward and slightly upward.

When straightening shoulder the burden of first leg muscles and buttocks to turn next stage back muscles. Keep the weight close to your body and never look down.

soon straightening body relax tense shoulders down and back and around the buttocks. Do not lean back, pull your shoulders back.

Slowly and controlled return to the starting position.