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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cheap tea can be dangerous

Positive properties of tea are not one or two. Green tea is known for its antioxidant and the chamomile tea cure throat. The useful drink have many varieties that are suitable for the treatment of various health problems. As with many foods and beverages, however, the low quality of the product can take its effectiveness, and in some cases even make it dangerous for human health. According to new research cheap tea can be harmful to health.

It was found that many brands of teas available in shops and supermarkets contain potentially dangerous levels of fluoride - a mineral that can seriously damage the bones. All tests carried out indicate high levels of the substance in the tea. Scientists warn that only four cups of tea a day can generate alarming levels of fluoride.

It is believed that the poor quality of some teas is due to the fact that they are made from large sheets of the plant. That is where there are accumulated higher levels of the dangerous mineral. Damage to health can be even greater if a person consumes the tea in the morning on an empty stomach. Scientists insist the levels of fluoride to be mentioned on the boxes and packets of tea, along with information about their nutritional value, says the Daily Mail newspaper.

In some brands of green tea are registered the highest levels of the hazardous mineral. According to researchers fluoride is essential for the health of bones and teeth. It is also found that a significant dose of the substance can be unpleasant staining teeth. Fluoride can also cause skeletal fluorosis - painful and debilitating bone calcification. Harmful mineral also contains the wine, seafood and toothpaste.