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Created with by Pablo García Fernández


Friday, August 16, 2013

Weighted sit-ups with bands

Main muscles performing the movement: Abs
Other muscles involved in movement: Exercise is isolated
Equipment Supplies: Bands, bench
Level: Advanced
Movement: Pulling

Method of execution

Adjust the tilt of the bench.

Tighten the rubber band around the base of the inclined bench. Let it handles are in a position such that you can easily grab them when you lie down on the bench.

Sit back and fix your legs one by one.

Relax your body back, let your legs slightly bent at the knees. Grasp the handles on rubber bands.

Take some air.

First slowly lift only the top of your spine, and only then start to fold around the spine and breathe out.

Stop and hold just before the base of your spine to become vertical or when you feel that the load in the stomach weakens.

Slowly descend in reverse order, first base of the spine, and only then the upper portion head.