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Created with by Pablo García Fernández


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lateral raise with bands


Main muscles performing the movement: Shoulder muscle 
Other muscles involved in movement: Trapeze, triceps, biceps, back  
Mandatory Equipment: Eraser
Level: Beginner
Movement: Pushing

Method of execution
Take a rubber band and advocate firmly with both feet, and assemble them together, grasp the handles of the bands and faces.

Tighten your stomach and fix the shoulder girdle, bend your elbows slightly.

Slowly mix arms sideways and upwards, bend them at the elbows. Palms facing down.

When your arms are parallel to the floor, slowly lower the hands to the starting position.

Fixing the shoulder girdle is crucial for the isolation of secondary shoulder heads. You would need at tight abdomen and spine upright to bring both shoulders together and the clavicles may not move while lifting the arms.

Precision perform the exercise without swinging the body (while sitting and standing), unless you intended controlled chiyting.

Perform the exercise slowly and concentrate on your shoulders. Never make sudden movements.