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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Olive oil loses its valuable antioxidant when you cooke

Cooking with expensive extra virgin olive oil is pointless waste of resources, warn researchers from the University of Porto. During a series of experiments, Portuguese researchers found that during thermal treatment the beneficial phenolic compounds in olive oil lose their properties. Precisely these phenolic compounds are mostly linked with the main antioxidative active substances that protect the cells in the human body against oxidative stress and the development of cancer.

Olive oil has long been considered one of the healthiest additions to any diet. Many nutritionists are even of the opinion that it should be widely used in the preparation of various foods. However, experts from the University of Porto strongly defend their thesis that there is absolutely no sense to cook with it - "Whether frying, boiling soup or cook meals in the microwave for heating the concentration of phenolic compounds in olive oil drastically reduced. Furthermore - in terms of the end result, in the heat treatment extra virgin olive oil inevitably becomes simple oil or even cooking oil in the standard. But you talk to flavor salads and fresh products - olive oil really is the perfect healthy choice. "