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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

8 easy ways to avoid weight gain during holidays

1. Rent a room with kitchen

Get an apartment or room with kitchen, kitchenette or at least a refrigerator, so you can load your favorite healthy foods. This way the healthy diet will not stay home and you will avoid large or too fat and calorie dishes in restaurants. As dinner resort's always a thrill, go out to eat out at night, and for breakfast and lunch prepare something delicious on your own.

2. Active therapy with something new to listen to

Motivation to stay active during the holidays, instead of lying in bed until early afternoon, sometimes the biggest challenge. Something that can help is the new music and audiobooks that you create the right mood when you come to stir into action. This way you won't torture with the dilemma cardio or book - you can have them 2 in 1!

3. Lark, early trains

Studies have shown that the people who train in the morning  follow fitness regime easier. Simply exercises at morning the minimum impediment to a busy schedule during the day and are less likely to forget them. The same goes for the holidays, especially if you are sleepyhead. And do not ruin when you exit to run on the beach, for example - 10-20 minutes of physical activity sufficient, especially given that the only problem is your metabolism to stay awake during the holidays.

4. Pack the training Bands

Dumbbells can weigh heavily your luggage, but with training elastics there is no such danger. With them you'll make easy, and fun exercises for the whole body without even having to leave the room. You do not know training programs with elastics? YouTube is always there! 

5. Attractions here attraction there!

Even if you do not do your typical workout, you can always burn calories by walking around the local sights and mini-tours. If you get a mountain trail with a backpack you were moving 490 calories per hour, cycling will burn 420, and rock climbing - up to about 563 calories. If going to the resort, as well choose one that offers a wide selection of such activities - yoga, kayaking, beach volleyball, there are ways to have fun while taking care of your body!
6. Stairs and hills

Book your room on high - whether in house / hotel on a hill or on the higher floors of the hotel and use the stairs instead of the elevator. If there are sights that require boarding or disembarking not delay a little and visit them! And do not go in the first directional restaurant, walk a little further.

7. If the hotel probably has a fitness 

In order to not worry about exercise equipment, you can always head to the hotel gym. Or at least with yoga classes or pilates. If you have not tried it yet, do not worry - you vacation is the time to try something new?

 8. Travel with running shoes or sneakers

The most common justification for rounded tummy after a holiday is likely: "I forgot to put my running shoes in the luggage." As not likely to wear costumes during the vacation, travel with sports shoes. And this way will be easier to run if you miss the bus, train or plane.