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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Top 7 fitness exercises at home

Who says the gym is the only place for true fitness? With these 7 fitness exercises will achieve impressive results at home. Far from the eyes while playing sports, but the spotlight with a new hard body.
 Fitness exercise 1 - for the upper abdominal muscles

 For nothing in the world miss partial abdominal presses. They are ideal for tightening the muscles of the upper abdomen. To do 25-30 repetitions Advanced 30-40.
 Fitness exercise 2 - for the entire abdominal muscles

 Abdominal presses with outstretched hands - also a classic in the genre. Strengthen the upper, middle and lower abdominal muscles. Starting from a supine position body and describes a semicircle, arms aimed at the toes. Warning: Keep the back! To do 15-20 repetitions, advanced 20-25.
Fitness exercise 3 - for the upper and middle abdominal muscles

 This is a harder exercise, but with great effect. Powered by supine position with legs straight in the air. The hands point to toes by lifting only the upper body (cross is stationary). To do 15-20 repetitions, advanced 20-25.
Fitness exercise 4 - for abdominal and buttocks muscles

 This exercise is called "lifting the pelvis of the leg." Lie on your back with your knees bent in the legs and feet, a little more open than the width of your hips. The hands are away from the body. Carry out 15-20 repetitions Advanced - 25-30
Fitness exercise 5 - push-ups
 To do 15-20 repetitions.
Fitness exercise 6 - for tight thighs

 Tightens and inner and outer thighs. Perform slowly, hold for 10-15 seconds in the up position. Carry out 15-20 repetitions with each leg.
Fitness exercise 7 - for thigh and buttocks muscles
 Legs together, hands are supported on the floor, shoulder-width apart. Push the left leg back and up, keeping the knee bent. Carry out 15-20 repetitions with each leg.