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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Losing weight by walking

Movement is necessary for man as air, water and food. It is especially vital for the modern man who leads a sedentary lifestyle. 
 Walking is great for weight loss because it is suitable for everyone regardless of level because it is enjoyable. Although burn only 4-8 calories per minute normal pace, even beginners will not give up easily and they kept this weight loss program. 

 For walking not require much. No need for special equipment. For women only - sports bra. Recommended one hour a day to walk and do other light exercises for weight loss. And only 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week will make us healthier and happier. An added bonus is that walking is combined with the sun, which further increases the body's defenses.
 Benefits of walking
Burn calories
Strengthens back muscles
Helps with joint problems
Reduce inches from waist
Reduces blood pressure
Shaping and tones the thighs and buttocks
Reduces cholesterol
Reduces risk of heart disease, diabetes and more.
Reduce stress
Improves sleep
Improves mood
It requires no equipment
You can carry anywhere
 It's Free

 Tips for walking 
Most noteworthy are early morning walks in nature or in a nearby park.  
When walking keep your body always right, thrusting breasts, arms also need to move.  
By walking to move the whole body and circulation.  
As you go do not forget to drink water. 
Walking is even better if combined with motivating music with varying intensity. 
To improve your fitness level is good to have a diary in which to record and keep track of how far you travel, the speed and intensity walking. 
Use the Internet to determine the routes specified distance (1 km, 5 km, 10 km and so on).
  Certain days of the week will you walk some time. For example: 30 minutes at lunchtime from Monday to Friday. Over time increase the distance, time, effort, try different routes 
Home workouts 
 Do not be afraid of bad weather. Even then you can train walking home. Here's a sample video of home walking workout from fitness instructor Jessica Smith: