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Monday, February 18, 2013

Training - frequently asked questions

1. What time is best to do training?

You can accurately say when is the best time to train. The key is to train within the same time. Whether it will be morning or evening is not very important.

2. Which exercises are most effective ?
Bodybuilding and Fitness 
Ideally your workouts will include the following exercises:  
strength training
aerobic exercise
stretching exercises
For strength exercises have to take the room, at least two workouts a week. Duration of training to be 1 to 1.5 hours. For aerobic exercise most appropriate smooth running about 20-30 minutes is best to run every day, except on days of strength training.

3. Be able with the help of exercises to lose weight in a specific part of the body ?

Weight loss happens when you burn more calories than you receive. Strength exercises strengthen the muscles but not turn fat into muscle. When the muscles begin to grow are not ated many calories. Then the fat starts to melt and turn into calories.

 4. Is it dangerous fast weight loss ?

No damage to your health, you lose on 200 grams a week. In the diet may download and more fat. If you constantly download more than 1 pound a week, you also fat will melt and muscles.

5. Is it useful to feel muscle fever during and after exercise ?

No pain, no growth - the motto of the past. Exercise should not be painful, but pain is not a sign of a good workout. You can oseshtate aching muscles after a workout, but it should not be permanent. If pain is present after each workout, so you tvardestremitelno increase loading and executing anything good that you give.

6. What are the signs of training to surrender ?  

deterioration of physical activity 
feeling tired even after a day of rest
bad mood, anxiety, depression
increased heart rate
muscle pain even after long break
poor appetite

7. What should I do to not get overwhelmed and do not get injuries ?
Listen carefully to your body Rest 1-2 days to allow the body to rebuild for new workloads

Increase the load up to 10% per week, especially if by then you have not trained for a long time. Vary your workouts - running, swimming, volleyball and more. 
Use safe and proper equipment Before performing a new exercise, learn how to properly do it 

8. Is it useful to train with pain ?

No! Pain is the body's signal that you damage it. If you exercise and ignore the pain, you can easily get injured. So if you feel pain, better rest day sleep for your body to be able to recover.

9. How long before a workout can be taken food ?

Do you eat may be one hour before the workout, but it is best to be 2-3 hours before. Do you exercise on a full stomach, one that is uncomfortable, but harmful.

10. My mouth dries up strong during workouts ?

All which the actively involved in the gym experience this feeling. They sweat and lose water, respectively. Take fluids during workouts. Losing only 3% fluids can lead to dizziness and fatigue.

11. When doing the exercises, breath long persistence ?

Proper breathing is very important in practice. If there is oxygen in the muscles - there is strength. Loss of access of oxygen is harmful to the brain and heart muscle. Good exercise room which is well ventilated.

12. Why Warming up and stretching before workouts ?

If you are interested in training, not just to stay in the room, it is necessary zagryavakta. 5-7 minutes warm up all the joints and muscles will warm up your body and prepare you for adequate training.