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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Vitamin B4 slows the aging of the brain

It turns out that this part of the brain responsible for memory, significantly intensified its work, if one accepts regular products rich in choline (vitamin B4). Experiment in which they were involved around 1,500 people aged 36 to 83 years, has conclusively shown that a diet high in choline effectively contribute to the development and improvement of memory.
After 5 years of research has been confirmed: the more the level of choline in the blood, the more good memory, but also improves the abstract and spatial thinking. Also taking more choline leads to reduced risk of insulin and dementia, which is characterized by increasing age.

 Diets that recommend scientists is to take such products as: chicken, milk, eggs and sea fish. Eggs and poultry meat can dadat additional forces of human memory, the researchers found.

Saturated with choline (vitamin B4) food protects the brain from aging. Brain less susceptible to dementia. This finding provides further evidence that the aging brain is emphasized human diet. Experts recommend that women take 550 mg of choline per day, while women - 425 mg.